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Explore Unlimited Business Opportunities Leading The Stone Industry

China has vast territory and abundant resources, rich mineral resources, especially stone resources almost all over the country’s provinces and regions. According to the data by SURFACES China, the stone industry is a booming industry worldwide, with fixed capital of over us $15 billion and annual trade volume of over us $6 billion, which is growing by 10% per year. In recent ten years, China’s stone industry has developed rapidly, which is not only more widely used, but also, driven by China’s policies, increases the demand for stone consumption. At present, the annual output has exceeded 10 million tons, becoming the largest stone production country in the world.

Stone is widely used

In recent years, the international stone industry has developed rapidly. The development of the whole stone industry is obviously faster than that of the global economy. Accompanying people living standard rise ceaselessly, stone material walks into home of common people already, apply the mesa adornment that installs at ground shop, ambry and furniture extensively. Under the guidance of the central government’s policies to expand domestic demand and increase household income in urban and rural areas, China’s per capita stone consumption is expected to increase significantly, becoming a new profit growth point for the industry. The substantial growth of stone demand will drive the stone industry into the era of stone brand consumption.

Large-scale public construction projects are one of the major markets for stone. All kinds of stone materials are widely used in urban roads, squares, parks, airports, subways and other projects under construction all over the world, providing vast development opportunities for stone enterprises. Middle and high-end stone products are mainly used for high-end real estate projects. Common star hotels, high-end clubs, villas, high-end communities need to choose a large number of different varieties of stone products for internal and external decoration. Especially in the us, Germany, Italy, Spain and other traditional stone consumer countries, because of its architectural style, living tradition, environmental protection and other factors, is a large number of high-end stone products. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the application of stone materials in the home decoration market has accounted for 20% of the total consumption, and reached 30% to 40% in some high-end residential buildings.

The stone industry takes the development of low-carbon economy as an opportunity

Present household decorates more and more advocate nature, because this natural stone material enters building to decorate and repair course of study in large quantities, use at luxurious public building not only, also entered household to decorate, and dosage is bigger and bigger, having important effect in people’s life. But because the natural stone material has the mining difficulty, not the environmental protection, the radiation person, the color difference big and so on the flaw, and now advocates “the environmental protection” “the low carbon” the life view conflict, in the actual use has certain limitation, the geographical stone appearance has exactly made up for the natural stone material the flaw, has satisfied the market the demand.

Current, stone material product is decorated in the share that decorates a domain to still be very small, market potential is very big. Stone industry to further improve the level of mining and processing technology, continue to be at the same time, the energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts in the stone industry and stone products in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection publicity, especially strengthening and building design, construction and the general user communication, exchange, guide consumption, promote the use, vigorously develop stone products market areas.

The share of Chinese stone in the international stone market is increasing day by day

Throughout the global stone market, Germany, France, Britain, Norway, Italy and the United States are the world’s major stone consumption countries, according to the authoritative estimates, the European and American stone consumption accounted for more than half of the global consumption, while China’s stone market share is only 2.3%, which shows that Europe and the United States is a huge stone product consumption market. In Canada, which has a population of more than 30 million, and the United States, which has a population of 300 million, the annual amount of timber is large and there are great business opportunities. Especially the challenge brought by the new concept of green environmental protection, we must produce new special stone products in production, to meet the needs of the market. In this way, we can seize the European and American market and win considerable economic benefits.

Global integration has promoted the development of China’s stone industry. Statistics show that the foreign trade of China’s stone industry has maintained a high growth trend in recent years. Yunfu in guangdong and nanan in fujian, as two major stone export bases in China, have accounted for more than 15% of the global stone trade volume. With the aggravation of European debt crisis, stone consumption in developed countries like Europe and America will become more dependent on Chinese stone. China has surpassed Italy and Spain, traditional stone powers, and become the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of stone. At present, many international customers who purchase stone materials from Italy, Turkey, Brazil and other countries turn to China, and the share of Chinese stone materials in the international stone market is increasing day by day. The new stone sales model will also promote China’s stone to the world faster.

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