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Kindergarten Summer Decoration Early Preparation Can Not Be Ignored

Summer came, a lot of kindergartens to redecorate the idea, so the summer decoration house needs to pay attention to what problems? Decoration needs to consider a wide range of early preparation is essential.

  • Select materials carefully

There is more rain in summer, and the most prominent problem is moisture resistance. If the moisture-proof work is not handled well, the autumn wind blows, the problem appears. This needs to be especially good material selection, in the selection of materials, as far as possible to choose low moisture content of the material. PVC plastic material decoration supplies are very suitable, it is made of PVC, high temperature processing, seamless, waterproof.

  • Make adequate moisture-proof preparation

In addition to special attention to the selection of materials, construction process should also do adequate moisture preparation. Transport materials to choose as far as possible when the weather is fine, if it is a rainy day, the material should be protected with plastic film. If the material has been on the tide should not be used again, do not use after drying by all means.

  • choose a good decoration company

Regular decorate with household give priority to decorate a company, they have warranty to owner mostly one year assure, go up in spring moistureproof problem, they each have oneself alone door way. So, the personage inside course of study suggests, do decorate in this more sensitive season in spring, decorate a company formally to appear particularly important please.

  • Sign formal contracts

Contract is the main “weapon” that consumer defends oneself legitimate rights and interests, when signing a family to decorate a contract so, must how long a few hearts.

Source: resilient flooring net