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The World Highly Respected Floor Heating Floor Heating Floor Market Will Usher In A New Round Of Outbreak

Germany: newly revised regulations on energy conservation

To limit carbon emissions and ensure energy security, the German government’s newly revised energy efficiency code (” EnEv “) limits the primary energy consumption of new buildings to 25% and aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, according to Global Market Insights. The rules have dramatically changed the business landscape of Germany’s underfloor heating market, which is expected to expand by 6 per cent.

Second, the United Nations: the global warming market will exceed $8 billion

According to the UN’s economic and social division (ecosoc), the urban population will increase by 2.5 billion by 2050. The large-scale economic transformation brought about by the rapid industrialization and commercialization of the economy will stimulate the development of the global underfloor heating market, which is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2024. Internal migration from rural to urban areas and rising disposable incomes will further drive penetration of floor heating products.

Third, USA: building sustainability, with a focus on ground materials

As consumers pay more attention to the development of sustainable heating system, the demand for space heating is increasing. There are concerns about rising energy costs and government measures to reduce energy consumption. Future building facilities will be sustainable, with the main focus on ground materials.

The 2015 energy efficiency act, passed by the U.S. congress in 2015, aims to save 13% of natural gas and 20% of electricity by 2030. The implementation of standards and regulations promotes the application of energy-saving products and further promotes the pattern of the U.S. underfloor heating industry. Then in 2016, the U.S. Green Building Council included 33,269 Green buildings in the country, which will further promote the growth of the floor heating market.

Fourth, Russia encourages the use of sustainable heating

Russia is currently working on the framework of a sustainable energy policy, encouraging the adoption of sustainable heating technologies to improve energy efficiency, and strengthening the deployment of advanced heating systems, aiming to achieve a 40% reduction in energy consumption across the country by 2020. The floor heating market under this trend is expected to exceed $350 million by 2024.

Five, China: “new standard and new pattern of floor heating solid wood flooring”

China’s floor heating market share has grown strongly due to rapid urbanization and growing demand for energy efficient products. Prior to this, the government issued the “eleventh five-year plan” new building design standards to increase energy efficiency by 50% has a far-reaching impact on the development of the floor heating market. In September 2018, the formulation and promulgation of the national standard “technical requirements for real wood flooring for heating in the ground” and the implementation of the new national standard can effectively regulate and guide the production and sales of real wood geothermal flooring enterprises, and play a significant role in the cultivation and maintenance of the consumer market of real wood geothermal flooring.

Source: China flooring network