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2022.12.14-16 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC)


How to Choose the Ideal Floor Tile

How do you like to decorate your floor? Or what do we know about the ways to select the ceramic floor tile?

Let SURFACES China teach you some tips for choosing the good and suitable floor tile.

First, before you go to the floor tile market, search the information and general knowledge of floor tile on the Internet. Be sure about the style that you like and search the manufacturers which have a good reputation in the field. Second, when you are selecting the ceramic floor tile, have a close-up view of the appearance and see if it is scratched, peeled or damaged. The same dimension is required. The tiles with the same sizes will be much easier to floor them in the flat way. For detecting the dimension, you can put some tiles on the ground together to see if they have the minimum clearance. Then how to check the flatness of flooring tiles? Can you see your shadow in the tile? If not, the tile’s flatness fails to meet the standard. Here comes the theory, that is the better quality in polishing, the more flat it is. And next is the colors and designs. A beautiful ceramic tile flooring is accordant in colors and harmonious in styles. So the color shading must also be checked carefully.

Above is about the inspection of the appearance. Then what about the inner quality? First, the good floor tile has the excellent water-resistance and pollution-protection. Just see if a drop of water can be quickly absorbed by the tile. If it is, this kind of tile cannot perform well in pollution-protection. Second, the good floor tile has the loud and clear sound when you knock them. Third, the good floor tile must be hard and durable. Both the abrasion-resistance and pressurization are required. Like marble floor tiles, it not only has the gorgeous appearance but also the excellent physical property.

At last, some knowledge for the usage of some kinds of tile to share with you. The tile with low water-resistance and is a little softer than other kinds can be used in kitchen and bathroom for avoiding incautious slip. The tile which is good in polishing is fit for outside floor with its hardness. And as for the tile with good abrasion resistance and plain color, it is the best choice for the indoor flooring. And as the development of upholstery, the floor tile which has the plain colour meet with great favour nowadays.