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Ceramic Tile Industry In China Is Still A Sunrise Industry

In recent years, China’s ceramic production areas have sprung up, ceramic production capacity have been improved. Currently, China has 3,275 production lines for ceramic tiles, with an annual capacity of more than 10 billion square meters. The production lines are located in the top three provinces of guangdong, shandong and fujian respectively. Our country continues to maintain world output first, per capita consumption ceramic tile first, export the ceramic big country position that the first.

According to industry analysts of shangpu consulting, the development of China’s ceramic industry was relatively stable in 2012, with a total revenue of 225.454 billion yuan from main business, up 33.44% year-on-year, and a total profit of 17.423 billion yuan, up 31.89% year-on-year. The country’s production of sanitary ceramics reached 200 million pieces, up 18.60 percent year-on-year. With the further improvement of the development environment of China’s architectural ceramics industry, the industry as a whole will be further improved. It is expected that in 2013-2014, the growth rate of China’s building ceramics industry will slow down, with the average annual growth rate of income reaching 32.0% and the average annual growth rate of profit reaching 40.2%. In 2013, industry revenue reached 479.80 billion yuan and profit reached 28.73 billion yuan.

Great changes have taken place in Chinese ceramics in recent years, but compared with advanced country level gap is still large, although the yield the highest in the world for 10 years in a row, at best, can only be “processing center”, “world manufacturing center” is still a considerable distance, after joining the WTO, Chinese enterprises will face more cruel and fierce competition, after the tariffs, and have to face more barriers of more complex technical barriers. Chinese architectural ceramics lack of famous brand products with independent intellectual property rights, which not only affects the status of Chinese architectural sanitary ceramics in the world. Most Chinese construction ceramic enterprises lack scientific and strict management in their production. Due to serious environmental pollution and high production costs, the economic benefits of enterprises are also seriously affected.

And on the other hand, China’s building ceramic industry in the future, the strong demand of the market, will still need the stable development of China’s ceramic industry, in the long term development of real estate investment will continue to grow, according to incomplete statistics, only in recent years, urban real estate development investment more than 300 billion yuan a year, completed housing in an area of 150 million square meters, with the gradual improvement of the living conditions in rural areas, the demand for ceramics will remain at high levels. In the next ten years, even 20 years, the strong demand of China’s domestic market, will still ensure the steady development of China’s ceramics industry. From the perspective of the whole architectural ceramics industry, the market space is still large.

Ceramic tile industry to maintain healthy development, must be controlled from the source of the ceramic market, aiming at the high-end market gradually become the development strategy of enterprises, strengthen the self-discipline of production enterprises, from raw materials to production technology strictly control, ensure the stability of product quality. Through efforts to improve the technical content of products and increase independent innovation, in order to achieve sustainable development.

Source: China ceramic tile network