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Reveal The Difference Between Wall Cloth And Wallpaper

Wall paper is big heat decorate material, because its rich design and colour are sought after in both pursuit. However, the fragile wallpaper material thus has its fatal bruises – it is prone to mildew due to moisture. Because of these problems, many businesses have launched a wall cloth that can replace wallpaper. Have the wall cloth with strong permeability, not only won’t go mouldy and corrupt, still have the advantage that wallpaper equals, the design that can choose is very much also, get the love of consumer. Besides, what are the differences between wall cloth and wallpaper?

A wall cloth that is not damp or moldy

Because wallpaper has rich design and decorative pattern, diversiform design and colour, and be loved by a large number of consumers. However, the weather in the south is wet and rainy, and the interior decoration is not suitable for wallpaper. The wall paper in the home, posted for a long time, is corroded by damp air, will become mildewed and fade, and will fall off and damage the wall seriously, which is quite a difficult problem for people who like to decorate the wall.

It is because of the existence of similar problems, many consumers want to use wall cloth to replace wallpaper decoration. Same as wall paper, wall cloth also has rich design and elegant design, but the place that differs from wall paper is, wall cloth won’t become mouldy and corrupt, also won’t fade damage wall. “Wall cloth and wall paper have essential distinction”, traditional wall paper is composed into two parts of paper bottom and paper surface, the structure of the two parts is very close, not easy to breathe. On the wall was a paper base with ordinary glue. After time is long, the molecule of glue and metope are united in wedlock, can produce implicate with wall body, when opening, damage metope. In addition, close not ventilated characteristic, can make the moisture inside wall body cannot overflow, after time is long, wall paper can become mildewy and fade.

Wall cloth, however, avoids the drawbacks of wallpaper. Cloth has breathable characteristics, easy to expel moisture, not easy to cause mildewy rot. In addition, the glue that USES on wall cloth is hot melt glue, when Posting wall cloth, press with iron of hot air iron ask wall cloth, can make glue dissolves, post won’t fall off again after cooling on wall, when wanting to change, heat again can take next. This glue will not adhere to the wall, the wall body is not damaged, so the wall cloth in recent years by a large number of consumers welcome.

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