The Surface + Design Event China

2022.12.14-16 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC)


Analysis Of Development Characteristics Of Ceramic Tile Industry In China

Now the ceramic tile sort on market of each big building materials of the whole country is more and more, copy natural marble, big grain polishing brick, ooze spends porcelain to pledges polishing brick, ultramicrochemical ooze spends polishing brick, glazed brick, brick, let a person dizzying. Besides breed much, the specification of ceramic tile, colour, shop sticks a method, also happening quietly change.

Current ceramic tile already was not like a few years ago element face is in the air, or contain a few simple decorative pattern and design only, present colour profusion however, contend for strange battle colourful trend, deep yellow, gem blue, bright red, emerald green, protein… Everything is available, and some even say that the color of ceramic tiles can almost match curtains. These bright-coloured colour lets stylist have more imagination and the space that develop, see everywhere between all sorts of example.

If only through the surface, not professionals, do not see the tile or floor, or stone. These a few years, the breed of ceramic tile is more and more rich, besides traditional grain, cross the ceramic tile of face of face of woodiness, leather, copy stone, crack lacquer ceramic tile to wait all very common. Emulation degree is almost as if it were a sham, make ceramic tile new round window.