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A Brief Analysis Of The Use Of Artificial Stone

Since its birth, artificial stone material has experienced decades of research, development and innovation, making it widely used in commercial, residential and even military fields.

The use of artificial stone for commercial purposes is almost unlimited. According to the adaptability of the product, it can be used in health centers, medical institutions, public office buildings, factories and mining companies, shopping center and other space facilities. When it works on the counter, wall, sink, display shelf, furniture, elevators and other artifacts, color texture and unique design of artificial stone all display its thoughtful, warm, strong plasticity, free cutting, bending, grinding, joint durability outstanding performance, such as the characteristics of products, is the consumer when use can bold creation, aesthetic feeling.

Artificial stone material can be used according to the need to make all kinds of application grade materials, is sanitary and environmental protection materials, solid without holes, no hidden dirt and dirt hole or gap. Its surface seams are very tight and impermeable to water. Therefore, in the food service industry, can be used to design ingenious table, display booth and clean and sanitary kitchen table, the same reason, when it is used for the medical and health units with strict health standards, users according to the human body line, flexible design, installation in the medical room, laboratory, surgery room.

In home decoration, artificial stone is superior to conventional building materials do not acid-proof, alkali resistance, cold resistance, resistance to impact, as a kind of good texture, color more act the role of material, not only can beautification is inside and outside decoration, to satisfy their diversified demands in the design, more widely for architects and designers to provide design space, to create a space, the expression of natural feeling.

Artificial stone can according to the requirements of different formula to make a kind of advanced composites, because of its special composition, it is difficult to wear, and due to the deep color and design and material list, therefore, can be only qualitative indented, gap, or scratches and even serious wear and tear, as long as to take corresponding measures for renovation, can reply the same, like new.

A lot of families are in the kitchen of the bedroom and toilet decorate medium used man-made stone material to make mesa. Because man-made stone material is to imitate the surface grain of natural marble to process and become, have the mechanism characteristic of similar marble, in hardness, burnish and wear ability are better than natural marble, viscosity of this kind of colophony is low, take shape easily, cure fast, can cure below normal temperature. And, colour and lustre of man-made stone material, grain is exquisite, decorative pattern design can be controlled by stylist proper motion is certain, can model arbitrarily into 100 kinds of different breed with multi coloured, elegant feeling. Rich color imagination, natural pigment and the combination of different materials can create a colorful color system. Color and material complement each other, the design space will therefore be broader, people’s passion will therefore often new!

Source: baishi net