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Which Brand Of Ceramic Tile Is Good? In Fact, Ceramics Do Not Look At The Brand

Recently asked industry old-timers say with small make up: in the industry more than 20 years, every once in a while there will be a friend asked me to buy ceramic tile which brand is good, in fact, say in words, I would choose the ceramic tile won’t choose brand first, only professionals know in fact is a brand of ceramic tile is better than not brand, not always some brand ceramic tile it or stick a card, don’t know where come of ceramic tile factory, as long as the price is ok.

In fact, small series in the industry these years also met many friends ask these questions, but small series will first say that you now see which several brands, I give you a better one. But has experienced the small make up of home decoration real when choose ceramic tile, first will only really rush to know the manufacturer of the optimal quality, then the price belongs to industry of medium position to choose to suit decorate a style of ceramic tile.

Of course, in the face of ignorant consumers, you can choose the brand first, and then carefully “review” the quality of the product. How to “audit”? Then let SURFACES China take you to have a look.

First, measure the diagonal ratio

Overlap two tiles of the same type face to face, align the corners, and rotate one of them so that the sides are always the same size.

Second, check flatness

Still as above practice, in rotational test process, if the ceramic tile that rotates easily, its quality is poorer actually, vice versa, but this kind of way applies to the ceramic tile with smooth surface only, and archaize brick surface is uneven originally.

Third, look at water absorption

Pour a small glass of water on the back of the brick. The faster the water disappears, the higher the absorption rate, the looser the texture, the weaker the strength, and the lower the quality, and vice versa. The size of bibulous rate is one of the important signs that ceramic tile quality is good and bad.

Fourth, look at the finish

The protective wax of ceramic tile surface is cleaned with soft cloth or reagent, put in lamplight or sunshine, become the bevel of 45 degrees to look, the surface is brighter better. Of course, this is one of the important ways to detect polished tiles.

Fifth, look at the folding resistance

Put ceramic tile one horn in 10 centimeters tall place, shake ceramic tile between letting a person stand next, not broken person quality is excellent.

So, the real ceramic people say don’t ask “ceramic tile which brand is good”, want to know more content, then come to the ceramic exhibition site, personally experience it!

Source: China ceramic net