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Who Is The Winner In The Whole Home Furnishing Industry

Be good at doing the enterprise of brand sale

Sales is the highest profit margin in the whole home furnishing industry chain, but sales is also the most test of team strength. For a long time, the production and sales of China’s whole home furnishing enterprises have been disconnected, and the specific sales are usually not in the hands of the production enterprises. The production enterprises need a group of non-close cooperation dealers all over the country to undertake the sales, because the high cost of the sales enterprises often offset each other. In addition, due to different operating levels and economic strength of dealers, sales performance fluctuates greatly, making it difficult for manufacturers to control.

In the new consumption environment, to sell to benefit, is the main survival law of the home furnishing enterprises. The whole home furnishing enterprise must firmly grasp the dominant right of sales, must have the ability to obtain the control right in the sales link, only then may win in the market. The one who sells well can be the top dog. And do a good job in sales, especially brand sales, which is a very hard job of talent strength, team management level, strategic vision of enterprise principals, the difficulty can be imagined.

Enterprises providing professional customized services

The general household furnishing store business is not doing well, but the Chinese investment in the whole house household consumption money has not decreased, but increased. The way Chinese people consume their entire homes has changed: they are becoming more and more interested in the overall design of their home Spaces. To put it bluntly, the whole house household is no longer an independent existence, but depends on the entire household environment into a sexual existence. What consumer needs is to have the home environment of the design, not just be a decorous whole house to live in. In such a tide of consumption, the whole home furnishing enterprises to actively transform to design enterprises, personalized customized enterprise transformation. As a matter of fact, the enterprises that make such seemingly revolutionary transformation in time have gained considerable economic benefits, while the enterprises without transformation can only keep their previous achievements and hardly achieve great development.

The enterprise that makes good use of network platform

Like it or not, the Internet is out there, generating huge amounts of sales every day. Of course, there are also a variety of fraud incidents on the Internet, there are a variety of unsatisfactory. All things have a process of happening, developing, maturing and declining. Internet sales are in the rapid development of the rising channel, you ignore its existence, it may devour you, this is the world cruel and merciless survival law.

Believe, as more and more enterprises participate in online sales, online sales will become more and more mature. New network sales brand and network sales platform will rise. Today’s popular online sales platform is definitely not the ultimate existence of online sales. The network sale is all has the basic network knowledge enterprise common to own, only regarding the technical content, is not advanced, believed that will have more excellent traditional whole house furnishing enterprise to be able to control the network sale platform, for own enterprise to find a sales new world.

Know how to look internationally

In the new consumption era, the whole home furnishing enterprises must have an international vision and have the courage to sell products abroad as well as to purchase products from abroad and sell them at home. The world is changing so fast that in a blink of an eye, we are evolving from a big country that makes low-end products to a big country that consumes products. However, this is a big change that China will have to make in a very short time, or our 13th five-year plan will be empty talk. China’s economic development is shifting from relying on exports, investment and consumption to relying mainly on consumption. When consumption becomes the main theme of Chinese people’s economic life, it is difficult for large whole-house household enterprises without international vision to survive.

In the future, it will be very difficult for the whole home furnishing enterprises that are not good at integrating resources all over the world to survive. With the improvement of China’s economic development level, its participation in the world economy is getting deeper and deeper, and its influence from the overseas world will be increasing. Therefore, the business risks faced by domestic whole-house household furnishing enterprises with ostrich head are bound to increase.

The current market situation is very difficult for enterprises that have not prepared for industrial upgrading in advance. Those enterprises that have complied with the general trend and made various preparations for industrial upgrading are still on the normal business road and will enjoy huge consumption dividends in China’s economic transformation.