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Trends In The Development Of Digital Printing

As a new subject of textile art design, digital textile design is designed by designers to achieve their design intention through skilled operation, rather than just being a skilled computer trader. This is the fundamental difference between the application of digital technology by designers and the application of digital technology by ordinary computer traders. Undoubtedly, the emergence of digital printing technology provides textile enterprises with the opportunity of “leap-forward” development. As a revolutionary and milestone technology, digital printing technology has become an important field developed by textile equipment manufacturers and software companies. According to the expert forecast, in the digital printing technology complete industrialization process, each stage of production positioning and market positioning are not the same.

At the present stage, the production positioning is personalized design and proofing, and the market positioning should be based on fashion concept display products, advanced crafts gifts, curious-level daily necessities and other products; 2, 3 years after the production positioning should be boutique workshop, model workshop, small batch production line, the market positioning is mainly high-end gifts, boutique life supplies; Five years later, the production positioning is the standard workshop and mass customization production line, and the market positioning is based on personalized fashion gifts, personalized fashion daily necessities and other products. In a word, understanding the future development trend of digital textiles has a prospective guiding significance for our future study and work in related majors.

The development of textile digital printing technology in 10 years to tell people, along with advances in computer technology, digital textile technology and equipment of wood will be constantly improved, thus inevitably brought digital printing textile products gradually reduce the production cost, production efficiency and the gradual improvement of the degree of large-scale production, which will produce for the popularity of digital printing of textile products. At the same time, after entering the WTO, the domestic textile enterprises gradually came to realize the huge market demand for “small batch of children, many patterns, high quality and fast literary goods” and the important role of digital printing technology in this respect. Additional, the design wants to show skill in this domain henceforth, not only want to agree with market demand photograph, and still must dig oneself art to create potential ability to obtain development ceaselessly, contribute force to design of design of original textile for development home thereby. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of enterprises, designers and the market, China’s future digital printing textile products will make modern life more fashionable, beautiful and full of personality with their own interesting beauty.

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Source: first digital printing