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Wood-based Panel Industry Production Overall Increase Of Plywood Accounted For Nearly 60%

Based on the differences of raw materials and production processes, wood-based panels can be divided into plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, joinery board, etc., which are mainly used in the fields of furniture manufacturing, decorative panel production, wood structure building boards, as well as panel manufacturing for carriages, ships, packing boxes and containers. Among them, fiberboard, particleboard and joinery board have lower requirements on raw materials, most of which are branch wood, thinning wood, processing leftovers, small-diameter wood, straw, bagasse, etc.

Characteristics and application of particleboard, plywood and fiberboard

And plywood is a group of veneer according to the direction of adjacent wood grain each other vertical group of blank glued together from the board, higher requirements for raw materials. At present, China’s wood-based panel production, plywood accounted for nearly 60%, the future will still occupy China’s largest position of wood-based panel.

Wood-based panel industry production overall increase, plywood accounted for nearly 60%

In the past 10 years, China’s wood-based panel production overall increase, but the growth rate gradually slowed down. In 2017, China’s wood-based panel industry showed negative growth for the first time. However, China is still one of the countries with the largest wood-based panel production in the world.

In 2017, China’s wood-based panel production reached 294.86 million cubic meters, down 1.85% from 2016 and the first decline in recent years. According to the 2018 national statistical bulletin on forestry and grassland development released by the state forestry and grassland administration, China’s total wood-based panel production reached 299.09 million cubic meters in 2018, up 1.44 percent over 2017. Among them: 178.98 million cubic meters of plywood, 61.68 million cubic meters of fiberboard, 27.32 million cubic meters of particleboard, and 31.11 million cubic meters of other wood-based panels (joiner board accounts for 53%).

According to the data of state forestry administration and China forestry statistical yearbook, plywood occupies the most important position in China’s wood-based panel production at present, accounting for 59.84% of the 2018 annual output. Fiberboard accounted for 20.62%.

The yield of plywood fluctuates, and the yield ratio of wood glue board is 90%Plywood is by wood segment is rotated cut into veneer or by wood square plane cut into thin wood, reapply adhesive agglutinate and become 3 layer or multilayer board shape material, use odd layer veneer normally, make the fiber direction of adjacent layer veneer mutually perpendicular agglutinate and become. Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture and one of the three wood-based panels.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of downstream building decoration and other industries, the demand for plywood has gradually increased, the market scale of plywood manufacturing industry has been expanding, and the overall output has been significantly improved. According to data from the state forestry administration, China’s plywood production reached 178.98 million cubic meters in 2018. Year-on-year growth was 4.09 percent.

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