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What Is The Prospect Of Floor Heating In The Future?

SURFACES China has recently found that while floor heating has become increasingly popular among households, the market for floor heating has remained relatively low, but some companies are still trying. In recent years, there have been several strong companies, are fully bet, but the market space is relatively slow to expand.

So, the question is, what does the future hold? Is it worth digging deep into this market?

Look from network expression, no matter be geothermal floor, or floor heating floor, influence is inferior to all aluminium lives in relevant word.

On WeChat index, both circumstance also is not very good, inside recent 90 days, floor warms floor highest just 10 thousand much, floor of terrestrial heat just 6000 much. The encyclopedic entry entry of floor heating also just 370,000 much, floor of terrestrial heat is 280,000 much, this kind of sketch is better than cork floor a few.

But compare with big category, difference is very big, have more than truthful wood floor 1.18 million, solid wood compound floor also has 1.36 million much, aggrandizement floor is as high as 1.17 million much.

Look from current situation, mainstream brand basically is to push floor heating floor, or floor heating real wood floor, this market is taken seriously, there are several reasons:

It is the penetration rate of floor heating rises, before basically is north central heating, a lot of projects in the south also are installing floor heating now.2 it is environmental protection consciousness awakes, delimit a category alone come out, the body goes out below the circumstance that heats, floor formaldehyde releases a quantity extremely small.

Third, the awareness of subdivided categories is enhanced, just like the appearance of children’s floor, sports floor and other practices, floor heating floor is also want to give users an impression, not only more strict control of formaldehyde, but also do not have to worry about the floor because of temperature changes and heating factors, affect the service life.

According to the market survey of China’s floor heating industry, the installation rate of floor heating is 28 percent in the new residential buildings in south China, which is the data after compound growth for two consecutive years.

In the past two years, the annual growth rate of the floor heating market has exceeded 30%, and the number of brands has increased from more than 70 to more than 200. If you count some small companies, it could be a lot more.

The permeability of floor heating increases, to floor heating floor, must be good news. Want your thing to want a few better than traditional floor really only, suit floor heating more, stand out especially on certain performance, won’t cause floor damage because of change of ground temperature difference, temperature exorbitant, also won’t because of temperature rise, bring about contaminant to release to increase.

From the current tian ge, jiu sheng, high, nature and other main brand approach, really in such performance. But big material research thinks, there is a problem to depend on here, the floor brand that has actual strength mostly, do homework on environmental protection, draw close to without aldehyde, zero aldehyde, mean the harmful thing that releases after heating is little very little, do not have even, everybody accomplished this level, the environmental protection advantage of floor heating how to stand out?

In addition, now the main brands are emphasizing the stability of products, not because of temperature differences and other problems. So, how does floor heating make consumer believe oneself to do better again, be willing to buy his thing?

Small make up think, these are floor heating floor brand people need the problem that break through, besides do sufficient effort around floor heating demand on the product, still have to think of a way to break through on consumer mind, let namely install floor heating owner thinks, have to buy the floor heating floor of your home, thing just is reliable. Only by doing this can the market situation of floor heating be really opened.

According to the small make up observation, at present, some of the core brand really hard in this direction, such as day positioning of real wood floor of floor heating is not only experts, at the same time also on the “high-end brand” of real wood floor, with the transform dream home “show cooperation, participate in the” technical requirements of real wood floor is used in heating “national standards drafting, raise their own credibility.

Long sheng clear positioning “solid wood floor heating floor”, and puts forward focus, 17 years of real wood floor and strengthen market with multiple sets of advertisement cognition, such as “loading floor heating, be afraid of heat release of formaldehyde, with long sheng real wood floor heating floor”, “the child’s world, the health is good”, such as introduction of well-known designers up as chief product officer; Cooperate with Beijing satellite TV home decoration reality show “yearning star house”, hold the whole people floor heating festival, try hard to spread the promotion of floor heating real wood floor to the public.

If unable to form the preferred market awareness, let the warm from the strengthening of real wood floor, solid mu fu joins, solid wood, such as jumping out in the traditional market structure, so the floor of floor heating way may not be more walk more wide, probably one of the floor, limited to the brands of a product series, professional brand hard to borrow the differentiation of dozen stand out.

If can form “install floor heating, buy professional floor heating floor brand” this kind of market cognition, so, the prospect of this market is very broad.

We need to speed up the industry together, together to come up with more suitable products for floor heating out, not only is not released after heating formaldehyde, not damaged by temperature rise, but also in heat transfer, insulation, intelligent and other aspects of attractive function.

Above is the industry information provided by SURFACES China. If you want to know more about the industry trends of SURFACES, heating SURFACES and other surface materials, please visit the official website of SURFACES China or visit the surface materials exhibition.

Source: China flooring network