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Prevent Enter Carpet Maintenance Error Zone To Make Carpet Constant And Long New

Prevent enter carpet maintenance error zone to make carpet constant and long new

Beautiful carpet, maintain rise to have some trouble, and still have the likelihood to walk into erroneous zone. Maintain carpet reasonably, should avoid these error zone, the carpet that lets the home is clean beautiful.

Myth 1: frequent cleaning is maintenance

Average person often flushs carpet to think such ability can be cleaner use just put at ease, but this is wrong, often rush xian can affect its softness degree, colour and lustre, burnish. So, to keep carpet clean, need not wash often.

Tips: nowadays carpets are mostly pure wool and not suitable for washing regularly. Daily dust removal combined with regular thorough cleaning is the correct way to maintain carpets.

Myth 2: sun-dried carpets

People often put washed carpets in the sun, or even in the sun for sterilization. But want to know long-term exposure can make carpet loses original softness and its colour and lustre.

Tips: expose the carpet under the sun for 1-2 hours. Actually, carpet had better place natural air – drying at vent, in order to reduce the harm to carpet. This will make the carpet clean, comfortable and durable.

Myth 3: use bleach

The dirty mark that powerful bleach water can clean adequately to carpet place leaves undoubtedly, but after carpet and powerful bleach come into contact, can produce chemical besmear or appear fade, more serious it is the circumstance that can cause carpet to appear corroding to wear appears. Accordingly, the smudge that should wash carpet with water of powerful bleach water below forcing circumstance even is used as far as possible dilute reuse with water.

Tips: in everyday use, avoid SURFACES that are difficult to clean such as soy sauce, red wine or paint. If did get up really, be forced to use force bleach water to clean the stain of carpet to also be diluted with water as far as possible reuse.

Mistake 4: thinking the carpet is losing its hair

When carpet is used, a lot of people can discover carpet surface has a thin layer “float wool”, perhaps the wool length of carpet is differ, think it is carpet drops wool. Produce actually “float wool” it is short fiber wool carpet common circumstance, and carpet wool length is differ phenomenon, it is very common more.

SURFACES China: SURFACES that appear to have thin “floating hairs” are generally ignored. And the carpet hair that differs to length wants to use the hand only to same direction to wipe wool smooth can. Don’t replace the carpet blindly because you think the hair is falling off.

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