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Sino-us Tariff Increases, How Does SPF Floor Business Deal With

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he would impose 15 percent tariffs on $300 billion worth of goods from September 1, instead of the 10 percent he had previously announced. In addition, a 25 per cent tariff on 250bn Chinese goods will rise to 30 per cent on October 1.

The us imposed additional tariffs on Chinese exports, resulting in a decline in the scale of China’s exports to the us. The SPC floor export business, which takes the us market as the center of gravity, will be impacted, and the SPC floor foreign trade market is not optimistic about being affected by the tariffs.

So how should SPC flooring enterprises deal with the increase of tariffs in the trade war between China and the United States?

Build brand awareness

Market competition is ultimately brand competition. For SPC flooring enterprises, only by fundamentally shaping the brand, building strong brand power and finding the right brand positioning can the ultimate competitiveness of the market be formed.

We will enhance our capacity for independent innovation

As the problem of market homogenization becomes more and more serious, without reform and innovation, enterprises will lose the opportunity to seize the market. Therefore, SPC flooring enterprises need to constantly improve their production technology, enhance their independent innovation ability, and improve the market competition of products, in order to win in the market.

Expand “One Belt And One Road” regional market

Take the “One Belt And One Road” construction as an opportunity to vigorously expand the markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions outside the United States, seize the opportunity to reduce the impact of the sino-us trade war on SPC floor export.

Developing domestic market

The market of SPC floor in China is expanding and developing, and has great potential. However, the domestic consumers are still in the stage of cognition of SPC floor and the domestic market is not mature. Therefore, enterprises, associations and exhibition platforms are needed to guide and assist the SPC floor to expand in the domestic market.

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Source: China floor network