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Does Everybody Say To Be In Deficit Building Materials Business Really Difficult?

Judging from the market statistics, business is far from so bad. Take the building materials industry of zhejiang as an example. According to the data of zhejiang economy and information technology committee and statistics bureau, the profit and tax of building materials enterprises above the scale in the whole province reached 4.348 billion yuan, up 37.9%. Among them, the profit was 2.411 billion yuan. Taxes totaled 2.353 billion yuan, up 18.7%. Of which, the main business revenue was 48.615 billion yuan, up 2.8%. Main business cost was 39.719 billion yuan, down 0.3%. There were 248 loss-making enterprises, up 1.2%, and losses of loss-making enterprises were 366 million yuan, down 11.1%.

Statistics are statistically significant, but they can reflect the overall trend of the industry. At the moment, those in business who should be making money are still making money, even a considerable increase. It’s just that the increase is less than expected, which means it’s a little harder to make money.

However, if it is a less customer flow of the store as a sample, then the loss of the people may be more. You might even think that most people are losing money. Because Chinese people pay attention to low-key, even if the boss earn money to buy a car, but still will say where to make money, business is not good. And a smile between his brow.

In fact, as long as seize good opportunities and hard work. Certainly make money, but once the market environment is bad so cash flow will be under pressure, the business should be done more safely.

According to the data of the whole building materials industry released by the statistics bureau, the retail sales of building materials in the first half of this year were 89.6 billion yuan, up 5.7% year on year. The retail sales of construction and decoration materials were 90.7 billion yuan, up 3.6 percent year-on-year. Retail sales of household appliances reached 439.2 billion yuan, up 6.7% year-on-year.

Compared with 2018, the growth rate of building materials industry is indeed slowing down, but the market increment still exists, and every year some manufacturers with low efficiency will be eliminated, and the market space will be occupied by superior enterprises. So the companies that remain are better off.

So the overall market environment is stable, people should pay more attention to how to do their business well. Focus on the product and the customer. Low-key make money, high-profile work is the style that Chinese people like, no matter how can make money is good!

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Source: China floor