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We Will Harness The Spirit Of The Craftsman To Guide Transformation And Upgrading

Today, as China’s economic growth slows down and economic development enters the “new normal”, the stone industry has also entered the “deep water area” of transformation and upgrading. On the one hand, it has made some achievements in business model and product technology. On the other hand, many small and medium-sized enterprises fall into the dilemma of transformation and upgrading, not a few fail.

How to enhance cooperation with government departments and actively integrate into the national supply-side structural reform strategy; How to introduce capital, technology and other elements to further establish an innovative development model; How to develop international cooperation and develop stone industry on a broad platform has become an important topic for stone people.

After entering the capital market, stone industry can occupy the main position in the capital market for two reasons. First, the company itself has a good competitive advantage. These competitive advantages are embodied in the perfect corporate governance structure, advanced management philosophy, rapid product technology innovation and innovative business model. Second, the market has a good growth forecast for the company’s performance. And committed to building a coordinated development of the whole industrial chain, in the capital market can have a good valuation of the company’s future performance investors have a good expectation.

Stone industry must be an overall upward trend

Stone industry nearly two years presents a relatively depressed situation. Some professionals believe that the overall downturn in the industry means that enterprises are in the wave of transformation and upgrading, but if the enterprise transformation and upgrading faster, explore more new roads, then the overall development speed of the industry will be faster.

Stone industry is a traditional industry. After entering the capital market, it provides more opportunities for people to know about it. Wanli stone has benefited a lot from it and its brand influence has been greatly improved. Therefore, it is of great importance for listed stone companies to lead other enterprises in the stone industry to explore the path of transformation and upgrading.

In the industry downturn in these years, stone industry should change the original extensive business model, the product to the extreme, the service to exceed customer expectations; Not simply to provide products, but to provide a whole solution, and at the same time to use the “Internet +” thinking to do industrial layout, first try first, and achieved good results.

At the same time, a number of stone counterparts are also constantly exploring new business areas, so we have reason to believe that the stone industry must be an overall upward trend.

Make the transaction more efficient through stone trading center platform

With the Internet thinking, the stone industry will “Internet” as one of the five wanli stone strategy, through “Internet”, further “extreme, refined” into the bone marrow of the enterprise.

Talking about the Internet, zhu zhuxiang revealed, “it is a platform, if you want to do a good platform, must be its own products do well, must be refined, extreme. Only to our products to the extreme, the product cost-effective, so that we can talk about the Internet. One of the goals of the Internet is to make the stone trading center platform more efficient, more transparent, faster to share information and provide others with an integrated solution.”

At present, the Internet of stone industry is being implemented step by step, and each stone operation center is also being promoted step by step. The preliminary work includes recruiting members, successfully operating the platform system, and attracting member customers to the platform. In addition, it also includes the construction of stone town. When the second and third-tier cities and characteristic towns want to be stone industrial park, wanli stone will provide them with integrated solutions.

Exceed the expected quality service to improve the quality of real estate

The mode of centralized procurement is generally accepted by the stone industry because it can effectively reduce the overall procurement cost, reduce management risks and ensure product quality. And many well-known real estate enterprises are also wanli stone strategic partners, in stone procurement, wanli stone experience is quite rich. Professionals believe that quality, service, system solutions, high cost performance and other wan li shi can reach a strategic cooperation with well-known real estate enterprises key factors. In the field of decoration, the special attribute of stone products can bring the unique beautification space and make the finishing point for the building. Exceed the expected quality and service, let the stone function play more incisively and vividly, cost-effective double; In this way, also led to the improvement of housing decoration quality. Of course, if there is customized demand, the stone industry will be more carefully selected characteristic stone species and exquisite technology, to provide customers with unique solutions.

Transformation and upgrading under the influence of real estate environment

Professionals believe that in recent years, the real estate industry fluctuates, facing the change of the environment, stone industry is more in the complex environment to find development space, pay more attention to transformation and upgrading work, make stone products more in line with the market demand.

In the future, there are still many markets to be developed in the stone industry. In addition to refined and extreme stone products and services, how to extend to the upstream of the industrial chain? The application of new materials may be a good attempt. Extend to the downstream of the industrial chain, attach importance to the integration of stone products and culture and art, do enough stone products in the application of sculpture, sculpture, can bring more added value for stone products. “The other is to change the overall business format of the stone industry, to use the Internet model and thinking, on the basis of our products and services to the extreme, to take the platform model, to solve user pain points, this may be a direction for the future development of our stone industry, an exploration road for enterprise transformation.

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Source: 365 stone