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What materials are good for wall decoration

Wall decoration is an important part of home decoration, and the living room as the facade of the home is to look good. In addition to design, there is also the choice of materials. Different materials have different effects, so everyone can simply understand. Then, let us share with you what materials are used for wall decoration in 2018? What materials are good for wall decoration? Let’s take a look at related knowledge.

The most common materials used for living room wall decoration are latex paint, wallpaper, and tiles.

Latex paint is the most used one, you can choose your own color and pattern combination. Light-colored latex paint is also easy to repair. Heavy-colored latex paint is not easy to repair later, the color difference is obvious, and the price will be more expensive!

The effect of the wall on the floor tile is very atmospheric, but the price is really expensive. The bear child’s creativity is also used at any time and without fear. He can paint everywhere and wipe with a rag. It is very troublesome to meet Huang Meitian, rainy days and foggy days. Small drops of water will appear on the tiles, and the home is relatively easy to get wet. The tiles are cool and comfortable in summer. What should I do in winter?

As long as the tiles are not artificially destroyed, there will be no problems after the wall is installed, and it can be achieved in a hundred years. Don’t worry about the problem of fade.

Common materials for wall decoration-stone

Stone is generally divided into two types, one is natural stone, and the other is artificial stone.

Stone is a hard, durable, rough, thick interior decoration material. The stone color is calm and rich, the texture is rough and strong, the shape can be freely changed, and it has a magnificent rigid beauty. Most materials are not easy to rot and burn, and the well has the characteristics of pressure resistance and abrasion resistance, but the construction is difficult and the construction speed is slow, especially the material cast on site is slower.

Stone can be divided into block material and plastic material. The blocks are mainly nailed with rocks, facing bricks, cement bricks, and glass bricks, and need to be built with mortar materials. Plastic stone includes hydraulic or pneumatic materials such as concrete and mortar.

The decoration of walls with stone has been formed since ancient times. The exterior walls of various stone barriers are walls without any surface decoration. However, the recombination of the entire wall from an artistic perspective is more commonly used in modern architecture-a method that uses masonry walls to give the entire space a sculptural volume and heaven and earth colors. It ’s a whole; it ’s a wall that is laid more regularly with stones, it ’s not so village-like, it just seems calmer; for a wall made of concrete, the flat wall surface will have a dull and interesting feeling, so it ’s adopted The four-line method makes the rigid, rigid concrete soft and rich in texture, forming a rhythmic and intimate interior space.

Common materials for wall decoration-wood

Wood is one of the most widely used materials for interior decoration. The interior walls, doors and windows, the floor and the frame of large flower panels and furniture are all made of wood.

Wood is a natural material with excellent texture, warmth and beauty. On the one hand, its strength is hard and its toughness is excellent. It is not only easy to apply, but also easy to maintain. On the other hand, it has exquisite texture and warm colors, which is not only good for shaping, but also for shaping. Based on these advantages, wood is more commonly used in Chinese and foreign governments today. However, wood also has its shortcomings. When the water content in the air changes, it will deform and crack.

Decorating the wall with wood gives a natural, intimate and gentle feel.

The color scales are made of wooden boards to form a simple mountain lodge feel; the decorative walls are decorated with various beautiful lines to create details, creating a sense of elegance and luxury.

All the knowledge about what materials are good for wall decoration and what materials are good for wall decoration, I hope to help everyone. There are many materials for wall decoration. Different materials have different effects, so we can have a certain understanding of the materials for decoration, so that we can better choose the materials suitable for our home.

Source: Fang Tianxia