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Different Ways Of “playing” Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are the symbol of urban charm and image, and the most dynamic and fashionable public space in the city. Because of its driving effect on the city economy and its outstanding display effect on the city charm, commercial buildings have gradually become the focus of the industry. As for architects, they will pay more attention to how to create attractive and successful commercial buildings. This small series selected 5 cases, no matter the complex with huge volume or the community business center with rich characteristics, all promoted the value in the designer’s creativity, and discussed the relationship between architecture and the vitality of urban public space.

Shimao international center is located in the eastern part of shenzhen longgang shenzhen and Hong Kong CBD, planning a super-tall office, commercial complexes, high-end apartments, luxury hotels, cultural exhibition and other forms, will help absorb from Hong Kong in shenzhen science and technology research and development, the headquarters economy, modern service industry and other high-end industry resources, promote the depth of shenzhen and Hong Kong cooperation, make big east bay area core, the center main tower, or will become landmark buildings in China, aims to create a new landmark of shenzhen skyline.

Hudson square in New York is the largest private property development in American history and the largest after Rockefeller center. KPF was responsible for the design of buildings 10, 30 and 55 Hudson place, the facade of the commercial podium, and the platform for the entire block. The project was a challenging combination of major technical and engineering challenges. With the completion of the project, Hudson plaza 30&10 has become an important part of the New York skyline and another fascinating building with great tension in the New York metropolitan scene.

Crown Group’s infinity landscape tower was designed by koichi takada. Infinity is located at the corner of burke street and botany road and is the gateway to green square in Sydney’s new town center. Designed as a ‘city within a city’ with a total area of 40,000 square metres, the 20-storey building features true mixed-use functions, including 325 apartments, 75 boutique hotel rooms, more than 30 retail and dining outlets, a 450-seat conference centre directly connected to the green square railway station.

In 2014, sou fujimoto was chosen to build a second “architectural folly of the 21st century” in montpellier, southern France. The project team working with sou fujimoto also includes nicolas laisne, dimitri roussel and OXO architects. The project is called a “cross-cultural experiment” that combines Japanese and Mediterranean styles. The project is located in a strategic location between the city centre of Montpelier and the new development areas of port marian and port Odysseus, between the old and new districts of Montpelier.

Named “white tree” or “arbre blanc”, the 10,000-square-metre building is designed to feel as if it had grown organically from the ground. From the facade, various “branches” of the scheme provide selected shading areas for the adjacent buildings. The tower will also provide a ground-floor restaurant and art gallery for Montpelier residents and visitors, as well as a penthouse bar overlooking the sea and the nearby mountains.

The project is located in lingang new city, pudong new area of Shanghai. Seven residential blocks have been built around the project, which are divided into three plots, namely, community commercial center, commercial street and serviced apartment. Starting from the concept of “bazaar”, the design creates a series of Spaces of approachable scale, attracting people and gathering them along the Banks of the river, providing a unique shopping experience close to nature. The design defined the project as a center of modern community life with traditional market business rooms, and hoped to fully tap the potential of the plot, to create a series of free and approachable Spaces by taking advantage of the aggregation of small commercial buildings, perfectly reflecting the unique atmosphere of “market”, and attracting people from residential areas to the commercial empty area.

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Source: ArChina