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What kind of carpet is suitable for the living room?

Tips for Carpet Placement in the Living Room:

Many homes like to place a carpet in the living room or bedroom, one is to decorate the ground, and the other is to keep warm in winter. And with the rug, you can sit on the rug and play mobile phones and chat directly. However, some of the carpets placed at home not only did not play the role of decoration, but made people feel a little homely. In fact, this has something to do with the size of the rug. So how big is the rug for the living room?

[Size of carpet]

In this way, the size of the carpet is too small, and it is only placed in the free space in the middle of the living room. It is not only unsightly, but also has a shabby feeling. No matter how the pattern and style of the carpet is selected, it must not be small! So what size is appropriate?

Many people are curious. Is the carpet big? When placing a carpet in the living room, it is best to place the furniture in the living room on the carpet to better create a sense of luxury, otherwise no matter how advanced your home is, it will be destroyed by the small carpet.

[Carpet color]

The color choice of the living room carpet is also very important. If you choose a color that is not in harmony with the home decoration atmosphere, it will be very ugly. The main color in a home should be controlled within three, so how to choose the color of the carpet? The color of the carpet best matches the color of the curtains. You can choose the same color as the curtains, but you can adjust the color distribution.

Or choose the same shade as the curtain, but a darker color. Generally, if you choose a carpet this way, you can control the color of the home not too much, and can create a good sense of home decoration.

[Carpet style]

Talking about the size and color of the carpet, what else should we pay attention to when choosing a carpet? Of course, it’s the style. The style of the entire home decoration is important. If the carpet destroys the style of the home decoration, it really costs more. So how to choose carpets in different style homes? Here is an example for everyone.

Example 1: Neoclassical

If it is a neoclassical decoration style, it is recommended to choose diamond-shaped carpets, so that the space in the living room can be aggregated to create a sense of luxury.

A variety of diamond-shaped carpets, black and white colors are very good. While converging the space, it has a more fashion sense. Made of New Zealand quality wool, it is warm, soft and very tough. The long-established Indian hand weaving process makes this rug more humane.

This rug comes from Europe’s largest woven carpet company, Van den Berg in Belgium, with exquisite workmanship and color matching that makes people feel very comfortable. Such a diamond-shaped rug, while chic, will not take away the style of other objects in the house, it looks very generous.

Example 2: Modernism

If it is a modernist home improvement style, because it is relatively simple and elegant, it is not too complicated to choose a carpet. Choose a plain carpet, just express the texture of the carpet itself. The living room will look neat and generous.

This surface is made of polyester fabric with a thickness of 10 mm, which is very soft to step on. The line edge wrapping technology makes this carpet not easy to drop and more durable. Pure dark green does not have much decoration, but because the gloss is very good, it looks very beautiful.

Example 3: American style

If the home is American-style, choose a retro-style rug, because the American-style itself has a luxurious and generous atmosphere, and the retro-style rug can better set off this atmosphere.

The color of this rug is very simple, dark royal blue and brown, the pattern is irregular, but very retro. The selected polypropylene and soft thickness create a luxurious yet casual feel.

In fact, the choice of rugs should be as unified as possible with their own decoration style. It must be remembered that the rugs must not be small, and the living room furniture must be included!

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