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Plank Enterprise Or Can Borrow Force “Sell Decide To Produce” Seek Development

At present, the plate industry has entered a relatively mature stage of industry development, after the rapid development of the previous decade, the plate industry capacity began to expand. However, under the dual pressure of the economic environment and increasingly fierce competition, the plate industry fell into a depressed state, and the disadvantages of some industries began to highlight, such as the increasingly serious imbalance between production and sales.

Production and marketing imbalance is not conducive to the development of plate industry

Alleged production and sales unbalance is the product quantity that the enterprise produces and consumer demand are inconsistent, include two kinds of circumstance among them, one kind is the quantity that the demand exceeds the output of floor product far, namely capacity is insufficient; Another kind is the output quantity of the floor is far greater than the demand of consumer, namely the overcapacity that we say commonly. But no matter which kind of circumstance, the development to plank industry is extremely disadvantageous.

These two years, suffer the influence of numerous factors inside and outside, floor market is in a kind of not quite stable condition all the time, plus of market competition increasingly fierce, the enterprise is to fight for the market is to use up all one’s strength more, make the floor market that is not peaceful this is more chaotic. As a result of the change of the market impermanence, make numerous floor enterprise understands inadequacy to the condition of market demand, appeared the phenomenon of unbalance of production and sales.

“To produce sales” is not suitable for plate industry development

The production mode of traditional floor enterprise often is “with produce sell”, will decide to sell with production, and this kind of mode often makes the enterprise is in when the market that faces ceaseless change, be in a kind of very passive position. At the same time, it is easy to lead to the situation of excess capacity of enterprises. When the market demand is reduced, the sales of over-produced products have no way to sell, so they can only be piled up into warehouses, and the development of enterprises is also hindered. Moreover, the excess capacity of enterprises will also lead to great waste of social resources and environmental pollution. Meanwhile, the stagflation of the market will lead to simple price competition of homogeneous products in the market.

Plate enterprise or can choose “to sell”

Accordingly, plank enterprise wants to get development in chaotic floor market, be about to adjust oneself production mode, among them “with sell decide to produce” probably be a good choice.

Under the environment of market economy, today’s market is in the buyer’s market, and consumers tend to be more rational. Compared with the business model of “selling by sales”, the biggest advantage of the business model of “selling by sales” is that it can always be at the forefront of the market. Production will not be out of line with market demand, and avoid large stock of finished products. At the same time, enterprises have more energy to invest in the improvement of product quality, so that the product itself is more competitive.

At present, under the situation of overcapacity in the plate industry, the plate enterprises choose to “determine production based on sales”, so that the production is in line with the market demand, the phenomenon of warehouse accumulation can be avoided, and better and faster development can be achieved.

Source: China floor network