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Shanghai High-rise Past Life | Refresh Is The Height Of The Building, Carrying The Memory Of The Times

China is the center of massive urbanization and explosive urban growth in the world, and its high-rise development is unprecedented in number, volume and scale. Among many cities in China, Shanghai has given birth to one skyscraper after another due to its unique geographical location and historical background. From the “tallest building in the far east” international hotel to the current Shanghai tower, Shanghai has taken 80 years to secure the position of the tallest building in China. While setting a new record of “the tallest building in China”, Shanghai’s high-rise buildings are the epitome of China’s rapid urbanization, each of which carries a unique era memory.

Shanghai international hotel – an old Shanghai style

The tallest building in China from 1934 to 1968

High: 83.3 m

Shanghai international hotel, located near people’s square, huangpu district, Shanghai, was built in 1934. Until the mid-1980s, the international hotel has always maintained the myth of the height of Shanghai, is the symbol of Shanghai, temporarily has the title of “the tallest building in the far east”. The international hotel adopted the most advanced steel frame structure and reinforced concrete floor in the world at that time. It was also a place where celebrities often gathered, and song meiling and zhang xueliang were frequent visitors.

At the beginning of last century, Shanghai was known as the paradise of adventurers. Walk in the downtown corner of Shanghai, you are likely to meet this designer, from the big bright cinema to the international hotel to tongren road “green house” and so many of the “old Shanghai” style buildings you are familiar with are from his hands. Concise and trendy design style, it is he created the “Shanghai wind” that people are familiar with.

Shanghai jinmao tower – China & a cross – century symbol of Shanghai

The tallest building in China from 1998 to 2008

High: 420.5 m

From 1968 to 1998, with the wave of reform and opening up, the pearl river delta took the lead in achieving economic take-off, during which the height of China’s high-rise buildings was constantly updated. But with the development of Shanghai’s pudong new area, the city’s economy was once again developing in leaps and bounds. Before the turn of the millennium, Shanghai regained its long-lost title as the tallest building in China.

Located in no. 88 century avenue, pudong new area, Shanghai, jinmao tower is located in the center of lujiazui finance and trade zone. It covers an area of 24,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 290,000 square meters, including 88 floors of the main building, 420.5 meters in height, about 200,000 square meters, the appearance of the building is tower type.

At that time, Shanghai jinmao tower was regarded as a perfect combination of traditional Chinese architectural style and modern technology, and became a cross-century symbol of Shanghai and even China. Its iconic status is not only due to its materialized height, but more importantly, its design thought, high-tech thought and cultural taste. What it embodies and expresses is the voice of The Times, which marks the first step for China to face the world.

Shanghai world financial center – a decade of twists and turns, opportunities and challenges coexist

The tallest building in China from 2008 to 2014

High: 492 m

Shanghai world financial center, located in no. 100 century avenue, pudong new area, Shanghai, is located in the center of lujiazui financial and trade zone. It covers an area of 14,400 square meters, with a total building area of 381,600 square meters. It has 101 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground. The skirt room is 4 floors above the ground with a height of about 15.8 meters. In 2008, the Shanghai world financial center was awarded “the best high-rise building of the year” by the world association of tall buildings and urban habitat.

The Shanghai world financial center broke the 10-year record of jinmao tower in 10 years. The world financial center is not only controversial in terms of its design and name, but also has a long way to go. In August 1997, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the world financial center. However, after the completion of the construction the following year, the Asian financial crisis came, and the construction of the world financial center was suspended until 2003. However, during this period, the 101 tower in Taiwan, China, and the world trade center in Hong Kong were both over 480 meters, while the Japanese had been hoping to build the world financial center as the world’s tallest building, so they revised the design height from 466 meters to 492 meters. On August 29, 2008, Shanghai world financial center was completed. On August 30, Shanghai world financial center sightseeing hall officially opened for business. A decade of twists and turns, once again renewed the “China’s tallest building” height.

Shanghai tower – a link between the past and the future2014 – present

High: 632 m

The end of one era, the beginning of another. Six years after the Shanghai world financial center held the record, the Shanghai tower broke it with a height of 632 meters. Since its completion, the Shanghai tower has remained the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world, and is regarded as the benchmark of tall buildings in China.

The spiraling shape of the Shanghai tower symbolizes the rising global financial power of China. From the appearance, the Shanghai tower looks like a spiraling dragon, implying the rising of China’s economy and comprehensive national strength. The project covers an area of 433954 square meters. The main building is 119 stories with a total height of 632 meters and a structural height of 580 meters. It is vertically divided into 9 zones. With the completion of the Shanghai tower, Shanghai’s “three-piece suit”, as it is known, has officially “emerged” and become the symbol of pudong and even Shanghai.

The history of Shanghai’s concession has had a profound impact on Shanghai and China’s modern history. The jinmao tower, the world center and the Shanghai center, the three super sky scrapers now standing in pudong, not only perfectly interpret the charm of the “magic city”, but also epitomise the relationship between the Chinese economy and the world economy in the past three decades. In the past, height was an external expression of ambition and strength, and the constantly refreshed height represented a growing power

However, when the equivalent change reaches a certain level, qualitative change is needed. In today’s highly urbanized China, how to empower cities and create more value has become the focus of more and more cities.

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