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Marble Pavement Design Sharing

1. Minimalist white marble

Recently, the price of white marble has been rising, which has puzzled many people. This is because the pace of people’s lives has accelerated, and the post-80s and 90s have become the leading society.

Marble is the main force of home improvement. With the rumors breaking, more people will choose marble decoration, and white marble just meets the young people’s aesthetic requirements, minimalist, white, elegant and fashionable.

White marble has a temperamental temperament, and its natural texture is exciting. It can’t be justified without becoming a popular marble.

Today I will share with you a minimalist style apartment. In this minimalist apartment on the top floor, the designer has given a new interpretation of minimalism with a modern black and white space that is almost ascetic and meditative.

To define the space, designers used different elements.

First, the staircase made of white textured stone is considered a sculptural element, and together with the kitchen as furniture, the space is reasonably used.

Second, black textured stone is used to create bathing functional areas and to configure the master bedroom space.

Third, the introduction of outdoor light and innovative lighting design. As the project becomes part of the identity of the occupants, the dialogue between light and space, light and people always exists.

2. Wild marble, a new Chinese case

The space is calm and free, and the symmetrical pattern reveals the core of Chinese style. The dynamic and static separation, the natural texture of white marble embellishes fashion, so that the space will not be boring, but also adds natural art to the whole space, harmonious and harmonious.

The combination of white marble and logs is in minimalist fashion, with flowing lines and clear lines, which meet all visual feelings.

3.2020 popular color, blue marble

100 people may like 100 colors, but probably no one rejects “blue”. Blue, it can be fresh or noble; it can be gentle or enthusiastic.

If you don’t know Classic Blue, you will be out! As one of the world’s most authoritative color research institutions, Pantone finally announced the representative color of 2020: Classic Blue.

Perhaps there is no other monochrome in this world, as pure and classic as “Classic Blue”.

Nothing but blue, absolutely cool.

At the same time, this blue color is also very good for home use! Unlike other colors, the classic blue will look richer.

Valerio Olgiati from Switzerland designed the luxury brand Céline’s flagship store in Miami, which uses blue marble and a pyramid shape.

See what blue marbles are in the stone world

Sapphire blue unlimited imagination

Sapphire blue is rich in natural colors, rich in texture, elegant and elegant, with clear and smooth lines.

Blue emerald enjoy the “coolness” of the ocean

Blue jadeite has the characteristics of gemstones, and its materials show a beautiful visual sense, which brings us a calm and rational breath.

Cloisonne embodies a steady romance

The blue color is a calm color. The character it represents is characterized by deep restraint, modesty, prudence, and strict self-discipline. When used in the home, it will give people a sense of stability and romance.

Blue Sands Sensational Sensation

The blue-gold sand texture is clear, the overall color is simple and rich in texture changes, and it is calm and stylish.

Casa Grandma Orchid

Casa Grandma meets this characteristic. Its blue and white colors are clear and smooth, and the whole is beautiful and elegant. The unique texture change and color combination add a different style to the entire space, like watching the swaying appearance of aquatic plants in the sea.

Transparent prism crystal molecular structure, so the light transmission effect is better, and presents a unique and charming visual sense under backlight conditions.

Karabica elegant life

The crystal clearness of Karabica white, the elegant elegance of blue, the elegant lines flow like the sky floating clouds, smart and natural.

The application of this stone shows the pursuit of simple and comfortable life everywhere, creating a quiet and elegant living environment. The transparent prism crystal molecular structure presents a unique and charming visual sense under backlight conditions.

4. The hottest light luxury element, brass + marble

Brass and marble, a pair of young CPs, galloping in the home industry, how long it will be hot is unknown, but the momentum of use in home improvement is as fierce as first love.

The high-grade texture of brass and the gentle and restrained nature of marble give birth to a strong artistic tension.

Advanced gameplay: marble inlaid brass

Marble and brass elements are ingeniously inlaid, so that the luxury of the space rises to a new level, creating a modern home loved by young people.

Brass can display the incisive attitude in conjunction with various marbles, it is not exaggerated in fashion, elegant and not boring.

5. Black and white marble world, eternal design aesthetics

Let’s look at a case. The trendy brand is injecting a new and exquisite way into people’s lives. The store design is dominated by black and white, and the large-scale use of simple and classic black and white marble brings a sense of refinement and quiet , Highlighting the silent luxury in the store, creating a light luxury trendy fashion store.

No matter how the trend changes, black and white marble is an eternal “stone fashion”. The proportion of black and white marble is coordinated, which enhances the vision to the best state and has a sense of dynamic space.

The low-key decorative style is simple but not simple. Stone is a bold fashion in the simple and simple, and the low-key becomes a more advanced high-key.

Source: Stone Network