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Three major misunderstandings in ceramic tile purchases, did you win?

Tiles usually give people the feeling of being bright, and they are easy to take care of. They are the most common materials for wall decoration. However, many people make some formalistic mistakes when buying and deploying ceramic tiles, blindly seeking patterns and colors. I wonder if we have any success?

Mistakes in tile selection

Misunderstanding 1: Bright hall tiles can enhance indoor lighting. Most homes and office buildings tend to use brighter color tiles for decoration. Because bright hall tiles can not only make the room look beautiful, but also compensate for the lighting to a certain extent. lack of.


The light reflection coefficient of Liangtang’s polished tiles and some antique bricks can be as high as 90%. Usually, the light reflection coefficient of the wall is about 70% and the mirror glass is about 80%. The light reflection will make your eyes very tired, and even reduce the visual function. Therefore, it is not advisable to use too bright tiles for domestic tiles. Putting matte tiles is the most secure. Many people think that matte tiles are not clean. It was originally wrong. Good quality matte tiles are not only very simple and clean, but also their delicate and simple gloss can show the elegance of the owner. Aesthetics.

Misunderstanding 2: Blindly adjusting the waistline regardless of the space. Wall tiles are often used to decorate the edges of the wall in home improvement. It can visually increase and decrease the level of the space and reflect the characteristics, grades and The feeling of day is quite popular.


Although very characteristic and beautiful, waistline bricks are not applicable at all times. There are two common situations that are not suitable for laying waistlines: one is that the height of the bathroom is not good, and laying the waistline will make the whole The space is divided, and the bathroom that is not high appears to be even lower. Second, the kitchen area is small, maybe a family using integrated cabinets. The height of the cabinet and the waistline are about 80-90 cm. The waistline just appears on the Above the countertop, not only has no decoration effect, it also looks messy. The choice of waistline bricks for small-sized houses is particularly stable. The small space is simply divided by the waistline bricks. If you like tiles, you may think that the space is too monotonous, and you can put a few flowers as a decoration. The space exudes energy and romance.

Misunderstanding 3: Tile styles and patterns are too dense and prestige queries appear. The owner pays attention to the elements when purchasing tile products. More than 35% of the owners list the pattern as the most important factor. Many people buy tiles. It is a beauty. , The brains covered the pattern tiles on the ground or the wall.


Tile styles and patterns are too thick, whether it is avant-garde or ethnic style, it is not suitable for an environment that usually lives. Acquiring ceramic tiles based on the specks of multi-colors and multi-colors resulted in a simple decoration of a pot of stewed home. Many patterns and beautiful patterns are not the same as suitability. On the contrary, they are dazzled to form a sense of discomfort. The simplest plain tile laying is a beautiful and lazy choice, but dirty and difficult to clean is a flaw in plain tile. And the cheaper this kind of white tile is, the less it will take care of, and the more expensive it is to buy. In addition, if you really want to use pattern tiles in a large area, you must pay great attention to the storage of the home and reduce the clutter. The simpler the planning and pattern of furniture, the better.

What’s wrong with too cheap tiles?

There must be flatness, but it is difficult to use these tiles to decorate the house, the overall effect of the house is difficult to produce results, when such tiles are used to lay on the ground or wall surface, unevenness often occurs.

There are cases where the surface of the tile is prone to staining, because too cheap tiles are often insufficient in terms of the density of the green body and the sintering temperature of the tile. However, the density of the green body and the sintering problem are directly related to the low degree of glass vitrification. After the tile is applied and applied in the future, the surface will be stained.

Too cheap tiles, most of the products have not passed the strict product color number classification before leaving the factory, or the product size and color number requirements are not strict, so it is easy to have serious color differences, use such tiles to house Posting is even more of a disaster for the overall effect.

There are flaws in the design of the product itself, and the budget cost of the product is already greatly reduced, so the surface of the tile that is too cheap is naturally also not very good in abrasion resistance, let alone meet the standard.

Most of them are crude, and there is no specific product standard for products like this, let alone considering the anti-slip coefficient. When using such products for paving, there are huge safety risks in families with elderly or children.

Not only are there no guarantees, there is no service, because most of these too cheap tile products are from informal manufacturers, similar to informal and unsystematic manufacturers, they often lack the guarantee and service support.

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