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Hongyu Ceramics, Saxa Gres Group and Keda Ceramic Machinery,Gold Medal recent ceramic tile news

Strategic Cooperation: Hongyu Ceramics, Saxa Gres Group and Keda Ceramic Machinery

On November 18th, Italian thick brick leading enterprise, 3cm thick tile only producer in European – Saxa Gres Group; Chinese ceramics leading enterprise, granite tile manufacturer – Hongyu Ceramics; Chinese ceramic equipment leader – Keda, those three companies signed a strategic cooperation at the Italian Consulate General in Shanghai.

Through the strong alliance of the three companies, it will lay a solid foundation for the introduction of China’s top Italian ceramic tile technology in the future. Hongyu Ceramics will aggregate the world’s top technologies, equipment and products, and continue to bring more high-quality ceramic tiles to the consumer market.

Italian tile has been highly regarded by the world for its leading product production technology and innovative product design capabilities. It is understood that the Saxa Gres Group is currently the only ceramic company in Europe that can carry thick bricks with a thickness of more than 3cm. In 2007, Saxa began to produce 3cm thick brick products. In 2019, 5cm thick bricks were introduced, and in June 2019, 6.5cm thick brick products were introduced to make thick bricks even more extreme.

Why choose to cooperate with Hongyu Ceramics? Francesco Borgomeo, chairman of the Saxa Gres Group in Italy, said, “Hongyu Ceramics is a strong ceramics company in China. They are also producing thick tile products. I think thick tiles are the future of ceramic products. It has a lot of market space both outdoors and indoors. The outdoor application will be a brand new world and can replace the natural stone in the future. We are looking forward to cooperating with Hongyu and selling our products to China as soon as possible.”

With its “big and complete” product system and real hard material strength, Hongyu Ceramics has always been loved by engineering companies and has become the strategy of the top 100 real estate developers such as Country Garden, Vanke, Sunac, Poly and Xincheng Holdings. Partners and quality materials suppliers, Hongyu Ceramics products are widely used in Beijing Olympic Village, Guangzhou Asian Games Village, Shanghai World Expo Park and other large-scale projects.

Founded in 1997, Hongyu Ceramics was born in Foshan, the “millennium pottery capital”, and quickly led the market with square bricks, becoming the industry leader. The history of Hongyu slabs can be traced back to the outdoor plaza tiles in 1997. With the increase in market share, Hongyu’s research and development of granite products has been continuously upgraded.

For this cooperation, Francesco Borgomeo, Chairman of the Saxa Gres Group of Italy, said, “We hope to cooperate with Chinese companies because we have seen very large market opportunities. We not only regard China as a sales market, we are here looking for partners, we have a lot of new ideas, we can work with Chinese partners to develop new concept products.”

Adhering to the initial intention of “real material and good ceramic tile”, Hongyu Ceramics has been praised for 22 years and is well-received. Cooperation and win-win is the concrete embodiment of enterprise resource integration capability and capital operation capability, and is an important engine that drives the healthy, stable and sustainable development of enterprises.

In the future, Hongyu Ceramics will continue to deepen its close cooperation and good interaction with outstanding international companies, enhance Hongyu’s brand value in a multi-faceted manner, and provide users with more high-quality products and services for the purpose of beautifying buildings and living space applications. Unremitting struggle.

Gold Medal Ceramics Adds Another Slate Tile Production Line

The continuous expansion of production capacity fully reflects the strength of the gold medal ceramics, which also marks that the production base of gold medal enterprises has entered a new development stage. The fire of the prairie fire of the “big slate tile”.

In this era of destiny of extraordinary data, since 2017, we have built an intelligent green slate ceramic production line that integrates cutting-edge technology at home and abroad. By 2018, we will build a slate ceramic tile deep processing line and add a large slate ceramic tile production line in 2020.

This symbolizes the comprehensive upgrade of the gold medal ceramics, provides a “revolutionary” new material for the current green, individual and modern decoration style, leads the industry’s slate ceramic tile boom, and opens a new era of creative design for architectural decoration.

Gold Medal Ceramics again introduced intelligent equipment for the production of slate tiles to increase its strength in manufacturing!

This time, the gold-brand enterprise big slate tile production line can produce multi-specification slate products, which can truly realize flexible production, and can arbitrarily cut a variety of specifications to meet individual space requirements.

As one of the editors of the national standard for “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Large-Scale Ceramic Plates”, gold companies adhere to the four principles of good materials, good equipment, strict testing and good quality, and choose to integrate automation, intelligence, digitalization, Environmentally friendly thermal kiln equipment.

Gold-brand ceramic enterprises will devote themselves to product innovation, technological innovation, quality innovation, and strategic innovation to create high-end home furnishing mainly based on slate tile home furnishing.

Continuously introduce modern production management methods and a series of advanced technologies and equipment at home and abroad, and actively promote the innovation and progress of Chinese slate tiles to meet the needs of domestic and foreign consumption upgrades.