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China’s Sintered Stone Tile Development Status 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, China’s Sintered Stone Tile production line has begun to show a “blowout” development trend.

Not only companies such as Qianghui, General, Xinjincheng, and Roosevelt invested heavily in the production of Sintered Stone Tile production lines, but also companies such as Mona Lisa, Gold Medal, Aesthetic, and New Pearl, which had long been involved in the production of Sintered Stone Tile, also increased their costs.

The number of domestic Sintered Stone Tile production lines has increased from 21 in 2019 to nearly 40 at present, reflecting the “crazy” of the ceramic industry in chasing Sintered Stone Tile.

However, the production capacity of Sintered Stone Tile is not yet saturated, and the price war has come.

“Sintered Stone Tile dining table is as low as 399 yuan, nationwide postage” “Sintered Stone Tile background wall with a pattern of 480 yuan”… Sintered Stone Tile “roasted goods theory” is very popular.

In the ceramics industry, no category can escape the “vortex” of price wars, such as mid-plate, full-body marble tiles, microcrystalline stone, and the price war of Sintered Stone Tile may be more rapid and fierce than other ceramic tile categories.

Since the price war of Sintered Stone Tile has evolved, many companies are deeply involved in it, and many companies adhere to the bottom line. At the same time, some companies are beginning to look for the differentiated development route of Sintered Stone Tile, hoping to “detour”.

So if an enterprise does not want to lower the price of Sintered Stone Tile, how can it compete with other low-priced Sintered Stone Tile companies? Perhaps adding a product’s added value is a better way. Functional ceramic tiles are a successful case of adding value-added products in the ceramic industry.

Imagine which of the common tiles and functional tiles of the same price, same quality and same service, which one would you choose?

Even if the additional functions of the tiles are doubted, most people may still choose functional tiles. From the consumer’s standpoint, once the value of the product increases, the price will also be higher than that of ordinary products. This argument is valid.

For Sintered Stone Tile enterprises at this stage, “Sintered Stone Tile + Functional Brick” is the direction of Sintered Stone Tile’s differentiated development.

In fact, many industry professionals have already proposed the direction of Sintered Stone Tile functionalization. Sintered Stone Tile should be combined with functional tiles. Consumers’ demand for antibacterial is urgent, such as when Sintered Stone Tile is used as a kitchen countertop and dining table.

The combination of “antibacterial + Sintered Stone Tile” is a way to quickly improve the market.

Li Jingen, vice president of Jintao and executive director of Yuquan Ceramics, also said, “There are relatively few seams on the large board, which can reduce the space for bacteria to hide. If the product itself has antibacterial function, in places like hospitals that are prone to breed bacteria, Is very advantageous.

At present, kitchen countertops, dining tables, coffee tables, etc. are also places that are in close contact with people, so I think that “antibacterial + Sintered Stone Tile” has good prospects. “

Affected by the new crown epidemic, functional ceramic tiles, especially healthy ceramic tiles, have regained attention and ushered in a small outbreak. Sintered Stone Tile is in the state of blowout development, and the market prospects are promising.

If the two explosive products of Sintered Stone Tile and functional tiles are combined in 2020, it may catalyze the maturity of the market.

In fact, recently, Sintered Stone Tile companies have seized the functional outlet of Sintered Stone Tile with a forward-looking perspective and launched “Sintered Stone Tile + antibacterial” products.

Recently, Gold Medal Asian Tiles launched the new product of the Sintered Stone Tile antibacterial series. According to reports, this series of new products uses a new process to incorporate the refined nano-silver ions into the product. Through physical contact, it destroys the bacterial molecular structure and inhibits the proliferation of bacteria. The bacteriostatic rate is 99.85%.

In addition, if Sintered Stone Tile enterprises jump out of the functionality of ordinary tiles, combined with Sintered Stone Tile application scenarios, innovative R&D and practical functions, it will broaden the market prospects of Sintered Stone Tile enterprises.

For example, the Lamina Sintered Stone Tile product has a function that is different from other brand products: the surface is super hydrophilic, and once it encounters water, it will immediately form a water film on the surface of the material, making it difficult for dirt to adhere. Washed away together.

Self-cleaning combined with antibacterial and bacteriostatic and odor elimination functions can be used to make the surface of sinks, cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. It has more advantages than ordinary Sintered Stone Tile.

With the advent of new trends in consumption upgrades, customized consumption, advanced and personalized decoration have become the new normal, and the terminal puts forward higher requirements on the product surface decoration technology, especially the functions of super wear-resistant, negative ion, formaldehyde removal, heat generation and so on.

Sintered Stone Tile is going to the stage of homogenization and price war. Innovative Sintered Stone Tile function may become a marketing tool for Sintered Stone Tile companies to open the market.