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Marshal Ceramics Build 6 Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile Production Lines and The Rise of “original” Design in China’s Ceramic Industry

Marshal Ceramics Build 6 Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile Production Lines

How popular is Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile in China? Let’s look at ended successfully on July 24. It was abruptly organized by the participating ceramic companies and equipment companies.

If Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile occupies the absolute C position, then the “Marshal Slabs·Decoration Jieyan” conference and new product show held by Marshal Slabs are one of the bright colors.

In this event, Marshal Slabs can be described as a collection of thousands of people, not only fully demonstrated its strong strength in the research and development, production, and marketing of rock slabs, but also vividly showed off the “Yu”, “Yao”, and “Mis”. The large series of new rock slabs interprets what “high-end rock slabs are made by Marshal” with their strength, and has become a beautiful landscape , attracting the attention of countless ceramics professionals and many media.

Time goes back to May 29 this year. On this day, Marshal signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Modena, a well-known pottery machine supplier, and joined hands with Modena to build the first ultra-long double-layer kiln Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile production line in China. “the road.

The Slabs/Sintered Stone Tile production line uses Modena’s HB7 seven-layer drying kiln and MDS double-layer kiln. The dual waste heat recovery and reheating system and combustion-supporting air heating system are derived from Modena’s patented technology. The longest double-layer rock slab kiln in China is also a powerful technical guarantee for the ceramic industry to ensure high product quality and maximize production capacity under the most advanced technical theoretical framework.

Subsequently, Marshal Slabs invested 300 million yuan to build a rock slab research and development intelligent manufacturing center, and imported leading international rock slab production equipment such as Sacmi presses and Systrom multi-channel high-definition inkjet machines from abroad. The entire line adopts intelligent systems. And gather domestic and foreign resources, promote the research and development of new rock slab products, and transform the results of the integration of production, education and research.

In addition, Marshal Slabs also selects high-quality mines, carefully selected clay, quartz and other high-quality raw materials, and is equipped with super-large raw material warehouses to ensure that the storage time is more than 6 months. The quality control is strictly controlled and the raw materials are solved from the source. The key factor of processing fracture.

The Marshal Slabs base covers an area of more than 1,200 acres and has a daily production capacity of nearly 50,000 square meters. At present, 4 kilns have been put into production, of which 2 are double-layer kilns. In 2020, 6 fully intelligent rock slab production lines are planned, which will be in the second half of the year. Fully put into production.

The Rise of “original” Design in China’s Ceramic Industry

Recently, there has been an “original design style” in the ceramics industry, major ceramics brands have successively launched characteristic original ceramic tile products.

The Eagle Brand 2086 image product “Ink and Wash Beijing Bricks” was born in 2016. From the commemorative edition·Ink wash bricks to the collectible·Ink wash bricks, to the artistic level·Ink wash bricks. After nearly 4 years of upgrading research and development, it has Fourteen products in 4 major specifications, integrating oriental skills and aesthetics, present the inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture and cross-border integration.

In 2019, Gelaisi ceramic tile cross-border intangible cultural heritage “Xiangyunsha” successfully developed ceramic tile products with the texture of Xiangyunsha. The newly upgraded second-generation “Xiangyunsha Ceramic Tiles” of Gelaisi tiles debuted for the first time. The second generation of “Xiangyunsha Ceramic Tiles” continuously innovated on the basis of the first generation, designed 8 kinds of unique textures that are rich in meaning and keeping up with the trend, and introduced 6 major colors and 8 major innovative textures.

New Zhongyuan Ceramics and designer Cui Shu jointly launched the “Mo Shi” series of new products. The design of “Mo Shi” is inspired by the oriental element “bamboo” and the expression of black, white and gray artistic conception of “ink”, silently awakening the oriental sentiment rooted in the heart. “Mo Shi” with its soft tones, low-key and elegant texture, gives more possibilities for modern and new Chinese styles.

Hongtao Ceramics took the initiative to integrate the elements of “new, trendy and playful” , injecting trend symbols into each ceramic tile, carefully interpreting the brand spirit of the ingenious fashion brand, Hebiyan·Tongti, Vientiane series, etc. Many products were praised by many exhibitors.

The “Natural Dance” series of products newly launched by Shunhui Ceramics this year is based on “healing”, starting from aesthetics of “shape, color, quality, and rhyme”, incorporating various elements of nature into modern home life . Whether in terms of visual aesthetics or practical functions, the “Natural Dance” series of products show the great innovation and breakthrough of Shunhui Ceramics.

In 2020, Ferona Cement Brick launched its self-developed “Yuanchuang” product “Concrete Series”, which selects 12 color series (Morandi color) of the global trend, and adopts low-brightness matte texture, the first domestic 800×1800 ㎜Large size cement tiles, equipped with mainstream size of 600×1200㎜, suitable for more space.