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How to clean carpets in the UK?

Many houses in the UK are carpeted. Although carpets are laid at home, many British natives do not take off their shoes. So how do you clean up?

Dust cleaning

Let’s talk nonsense first, in fact, hygiene is to be maintained normally, so the most important thing to clean the carpet is to clean it often. For example, in a big city like London, sometimes you have to use a vacuum cleaner two or three times a week If it’s next to the highway, maybe you have to suck it every other day or two, so the first thing to clean the carpet is: a good vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is strong, and all kinds of dust fragments stuck on the floor can be cleaned up. One of the big precautions when using a vacuum cleaner is that you must clean it frequently. Otherwise, the dust and dirty things in the vacuum box of the vacuum cleaner will be more and more. When you use it later, the airflow in the vacuum pipe will not be smooth and the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. The British Dyson brand vacuum cleaner is a relatively well-known brand. If you don’t know what kind of vacuum cleaner to choose, you can refer to the products on their official website. Of course, some people like to put a small carpet in the entrance and their door, and change shoes before entering the house. This is also a good way to keep the carpet clean.

Stain cleaning

To deal with dust, a good vacuum cleaner is basically enough, but what if someone spills juice on the floor? This will take a bit of effort. A common mistake many people make when cleaning carpets is to wash them with water first, then rub them vigorously. In my opinion, this method cannot be said to be absolutely undesirable, but it is not recommended! Scrubbing will not only destroy the carpet’s fibers, water will penetrate into the carpet, and it may produce a strange smell after a while, so when the landlord looks at it, even if it is clean, I am afraid to deposit.

The best way to clean the stains on the carpet is to use Carpet Cleaning Machine, which is usually sold or rented in hardware stores. Before using the cleaning machine, you must first confirm what your carpet is made of. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong cleaning solution, you will not only be unable to clean it, but will destroy the carpet. It is estimated that you must buy a new one for the landlord instead of seizing it. King is so simple. When using the cleaner, read the guide carefully, it is best to test the function before you start using it.

Certainly some people will find it troublesome. It takes too much money to get a machine from the outside and it depends on the instructions for use. It is too much work. There is no way to do this, because cleaning the carpet itself is very troublesome, but there are actually very simple cleaning methods. Here’s how to DIY your carpet stains.

Blot: If the juice or ink is spilled on the stall, find a clean towel or paper towel as soon as possible, cover the soiled area, and then press firmly with your hands until the stain is absorbed.

Homemade cleaners:

Don’t be scared by this problem, the cleaning agent is actually very simple. Just put a few drops of soap liquid you usually wash your hands into the water, as for the ratio of water and soap liquid, you can control it yourself. For one liter of water, about 1/4 spoon of soap liquid is enough, and then lift it with the above It’s almost there, first sprinkle a certain amount of cleaning solution on the area where the stain or spot is located, and then suck it with a wet towel. After the wet towel has been sucked up, dry it with a dry towel. This step can be repeated several times until it is basically cleaned up. Remind you not to rub it hard, otherwise the fibers of the carpet may become tangled.

If your carpet is laid later, rather than the one that was embedded in the floor in the first place, it is recommended to regularly take the carpet outdoors or expose it to the sun on sunny days. The dust on the carpet may cause respiratory diseases. Sometimes the room is full of dust after the vacuum cleaner is sucked. At this time, you must open the window to let the air circulate, otherwise it is harmful to the body.

Carpet Cleaning Company

Of course, if all of these are too lazy to do, then you can only find a carpet cleaning company to help. The cleaning company can provide professional and thorough services. The disadvantage is that it costs some money than DIY, but if you ca n’t do it yourself, this It is also an option, otherwise the money of the deposit may be enough to ask the cleaning company orz. Hmm, because the cleaning company is also divided into three, six, nine, etc. Do n’t waste money and the floor is not cleaned up. This is not a good deal, so it ’s best to google it before booking the on-site cleaning service. Generally, there will be customer reviews. some type of. Generally speaking, the cleaning fee for carpets in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom is different. Most cleaning companies have a minimum booking price. Before booking, decide in advance which carpets need cleaning.

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