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How to choose a suitable carpet?

Carpet Craft

There are many types of carpet technology, which are basically divided into three categories, namely mechanical woven carpet, tufted carpet, and handmade carpet.

1. Handmade textile carpet

Warp and weft are woven by hand knotting

2. Tufted carpet

A row of reciprocating needles of a tufting machine drives the yarn through the bottom of the first layer of carpet. The strong loop pile is called a loop pile carpet. The loop pile is cut during production. It is called flat velvet carpet, and part of the loop pile is cut and part of it is not cut.

3.Non-woven carpet

The wool is sewn, crocheted, needled, etc., the wool is planted on a pre-woven base cloth, and the wool is fixed with raw rubber.

Among them, handmade rugs are more expensive. To tufted rugs, the cheapest is non-woven rugs.

Carpet size

According to the space, to avoid the situation that the carpet is too large or too small, a reference picture is provided below. In addition, many carpets can be customized now. You can customize a suitable size of carpet according to your needs.

The carpet has the function of extending space visually. It is generally recommended that when choosing the size of the carpet, “choose big but not small”, so that the area space can be larger.

Carpet design

There are many types of carpet designs. The design of a carpet is just like a work of art. There can be many different ideas. The design of a carpet can be divided into the categories of abstraction, solid color, geometry and vintage.

The following introduces two kinds of relatively niche carpet usage

1. Carpet overlay

Carpet overlay often has the effect of 1 + 1> 2. What kind of carpet is suitable for overlay? It is best to cause conflicts in color, such as a rustic plain rug with a bohemian rug.

Rugs of different materials are also very suitable for stacking and matching. Soft knitted rugs and fur rugs can form a memorable mix and match effect.

The irregular small rug is one of the most commonly used accessories by designers. It is displayed on the upper layer of the large rug, which perfectly makes up for its lack of size.

If you have difficulty choosing, you may wish to take out a few of your favorite carpets and try a more personalized stacking method, which will definitely have unexpected results.

2. Carpet on the wall

There are also many carpets that make you reluctant to step on the ground at all! In the era of online vision-first, the trend of decorativeism has also brought the tapestry back to the vision of home interior design.

This colorful space is full of drama, but this tapestry made of brass mix and match wool still keeps you from moving your eyes.

Carpet classification

Many families now feel that the carpet is not easy to take care of and is easy to be dirty, so they ignore this finishing touch. In fact, you can’t really underestimate it. The carpet occupies a large piece of decoration. Expressive color effects.

1.Solid color carpet

The most versatile classic models are basically error-free. Apart from paying attention to color, there are no special requirements. Suitable for all styles, whether it is Nordic, Japanese, French country or new Chinese style. If you are really entangled with the style of the rug and don’t have that much confidence, choosing it is the safest option.

2. Geometric color matching including stripes

The geometric color-matching rug gives a more youthful and vibrant feeling. Placing two pillows on the sofa in accordance with the colors at will, creating a personality style. There is no shortage of art and wild beauty in the regularity. Easily create trendy styles.

Such carpets often make the home space more colorful, making the overall decoration complement each other.

3.Pattern carpet

The pattern carpet is relatively luxurious and has many forms, so we try to use some color systems that appear in furniture and curtains when choosing, so that not only can the color of the entire space be coordinated and unified, but also too many cluttered colors can affect the overall design . In terms of materials, in order to reflect the high-level sense that matches them, wool is mostly used.

4. Abstract carpet

In recent years, more and more high-end hotels have adopted abstract carpets to show their temperament, and this trend has gradually spread to the home improvement market. For young people advocating simplicity, traditional patterns do not seem to their “appetite”, and the abstract texture theme is full of free creative design, without losing the magnificent three-dimensional sense, making your home space more attractive. Attention.

5.cowhide rug

The cowhide rug has a strong personality, which not only contains a chill atmosphere, but also lacks the elegance and arrogance of the overbearing president, so that the space is full of male hormones! It also highlights the bold and unrestrained spirit! After getting used to the normal carpets, is it creative to take on such an irregular cowhide rug? The whole cowhide is used as the floor to match, and the B cell will immediately go up.

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