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Classification of wall materials

In the decoration, the wall is considered a big head. Many people will be very entangled at this step: paint it? Still wallpaper? Or look at the emergence of various materials such as diatom mud, wall cloth, sea jib, art paint and other materials appearing on the market today, and the bombing of business propaganda is difficult to choose.

Today, this article is to introduce you to some wall decoration materials appearing on the market today, and their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to the actual situation.

[Latex paint]

This is still everyone chooses more materials, the price is relatively cheaper. Latex paints generally require a primer and two coats.

However, the most worrying issue is environmental protection. In fact, as long as you identify the big brands and see the VOC indicators on the product, there is no major problem. Its disadvantage is that if the wall surface is cracked or peeled off, it cannot be blocked at all, and the remedy is not good.


Wallpapers are often compared to latex paint, which is more expensive in comparison. From the price of the product, the wallpaper floats big, and the cheap expensive ones are there.

Regarding environmental protection, there is nothing wrong with the wallpaper itself, mainly depending on the formaldehyde content of the base film and glue. Still have to identify the brand, now big factories are using glutinous rice starch glue, is still guaranteed.

It has many patterns and many styles to choose from, and it can also well cover the wall cracks. However, its life is shorter than that of latex paint. Once wet, it will be damaged. If the workers’ skills are not good, the situation of staggered patterns cannot be remedied, and it may be warped in the later stage.

【Diatom mud】

This new material is often promoted on the market to purify formaldehyde, but this claim is false. The structure of the diatom mud is porous. It can absorb formaldehyde, but it will be released again after it is full. It has no purification effect at all.

Its advantages are: ① a variety of shapes can be made; ② the porous structure can be soundproof and moisture-proof; ③ its own material is very environmentally friendly, good fire performance; ④ extremely long service life, up to 20 years. The disadvantages are: ① expensive, one square meter cost more than 200 yuan, not to mention labor costs; ②, the surface is uneven, easy to accumulate dust; ③ relatively brittle, punching holes in the wall later, repair is very troublesome.

[Water paint]

The term “environment-friendly water paint” has appeared on the market. Water paint is a paint that can be directly mixed with water and has a lot of environmental protection. In fact, latex paint is a water-based paint, and the water-based paint promoted by businesses is basically a latex paint. Everyone should keep their eyes open and not be deceived by their propaganda.

[Wall covering / Wall covering]

The installation process of wall cloth and wallpaper is the same, except that the material becomes textile cloth. The wallpaper is limited by the machine. A roll is only 0.53 meters wide, but the wall cloth can be 3 meters long, and the pattern is more complete.

However, in terms of environmental protection, chemical fiber textiles are inherently dangerous to formaldehyde, so they should be selected carefully.

[Art paint]

Artistic paints are paints with special effects, such as fluorescent, with texture or crack effect. The price is certainly more expensive.

[Blackboard paint]

Blackboard paint is a special latex paint. After coating, open the window for 2-3 hours and you can move indoors. There are children in the family to consider, and its color is not just black.

【Glass fiber wall cloth】

It is white in color, with various patterns and textures on it, and then painted with a layer of latex paint on the wall for better decoration. It can cover the cracks and solve the problem that the latex paint will crack along with the wall. It’s also cheaper than wallpaper.

It is environmentally friendly without any problems. Pay attention to the glue and latex paint.

Source: Lohas Youfan