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The total output value exceeds 3 billion RMB! China stone processing machinery industry initially embarked on the road to modernization

The development of China’s stone processing machinery industry is the same as the main body of the stone industry, after many ups and downs and years of exploration. Only after entering the 21st century has a truly modernized main industrial system integrating scientific research, production, application, later maintenance, and comprehensive security development.

Before 1980, China’s stone machinery industry was at an early stage. The annual output of granite stone in the country is only 30,000 square meters, and the marble plate is 430,000 square meters, which is not as high as the annual output of a large-scale enterprise. At the same time, China’s stone processing machinery industry is also in the initial stage of development, with only more than ten companies nationwide. In terms of stone processing machinery, it can only produce conventional small and medium-sized equipment, such as: small screw ten pendulum sand saws, hand-held rocker mills, medium and small diameter disc cutting machines, etc., especially in stone mining equipment. Behind, in addition to the simple machinery that is conventionally manually operated, the most advanced are several steel wire rope saws for marble mines produced in accordance with Italian equipment. These stone machinery and equipment are only used by some small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and have no export capacity.

Subsequently, China’s stone industry has undergone a major development, and the number of stone companies has rapidly increased to more than 10,000, and a large number of foreign advanced production equipment have been introduced nationwide. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 granite and marble processing lines alone, making the processing capacity of Chinese stone materials reach 30 million square meters of plates per year, and the mining capacity of mines is more than 300,000 cubic meters per year. China’s stone machinery enterprises have also made great progress, producing domestic granite, marble processing lines and diamond disc stone cutting machines with different switches and different specifications. Domestic large-scale frame sawing machines are widely used in stone grinding equipment. From simple hand held rocker mills to automatic mills of different specifications, most of the special-shaped processing machines can be produced domestically.

Slowly, the number of Chinese stone companies has grown to 27,800. The annual production capacity of granite and marble slabs exceeds 100 million square meters. China’s total stone production has already ranked among the forefronts in the world, and China’s stone trade volume has reached 1.2 billion US dollars. In the same period, China’s stone machinery industry has also reached a new level. More than 300 sets (sets) of stone mining, processing equipment and related technologies have been introduced nationwide. China’s stone machinery, tool and abrasive tools, and stone care industry have developed rapidly.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 professional stone machinery equipment processing enterprises in China. With numerical control processing equipment and engraving machines, some enterprises have been able to produce diamond abrasives and chemical products for processing various stone materials, and some enterprises can have further scientific research and development capabilities. In addition to supplying domestic enterprises, these domestically produced processing equipment, industrial tools and chemical products are also exported. The total output value of my country’s stone machinery industry exceeds 3 billion yuan, and the export value of China’s stone machinery exceeds 10 million US dollars during the same period.

The stone trade between China and ASEAN has a long history. In recent years, the import and export trade of stone between China and ASEAN has maintained a high level. Among them, in 2019, China imported 630,000 tons of stone from ASEAN and exported 930,000 tons of stone to ASEAN, an increase of 25.1% and 6.7% year-on-year.

In terms of imports, China’s stone imports from ASEAN have increased by more than 50% for three consecutive years. Although the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic had a great impact on China’s stone trade, in the first quarter, China’s stone imports from ASEAN rose against the trend, increasing by more than 100%.

In terms of exports, due to the sluggish international market demand, China’s stone exports have declined for two consecutive years, but exports to ASEAN are better than the overall level. Especially in 2019, China’s stone exports to ASEAN increased by 6.7%, while total Chinese stone exports fell by 9.7 %; in the first quarter of this year, China’s stone exports fell by 28.1% overall, but exports to ASEAN fell by only 6.2%.

In recent years, Chinese stone companies have continuously increased their investment in ASEAN, and cooperation in mining, stone processing, technical equipment and other fields has deepened. After 40 years of rapid development in China’s stone industry, a number of outstanding stone technology equipment companies have stood out. At present, advanced equipment have entered the ASEAN market with the investment of Chinese companies. I believe that with the continuous development of the ASEAN economy Development, the stone industry will also face more development opportunities.

Source: China Stone Net