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Tile brand cooperation will become an inevitable era

Consumers’ overall demand for “home” products has accelerated the rapid return of home furnishing products. The whole package model has become the focus of the home building materials industry in 2019. From the perspective of the development of home decoration in the past ten years, the rapid rise of self-contained companies in the market from square meter quotations to suits to complete decoration fully illustrates the rapid growth of consumers’ demand for self-contained furniture.

The home improvement model can provide home improvement consumers with overall decoration, furniture, and soft decoration planning. During the entire decoration process, only consultation, confirmation of the design plan, payment, and acceptance are required to meet consumers’ requirements for design, construction, and material selection. One-stop needs such as purchase, logistics installation, quality inspection and receipt. In this way, decoration is no longer a process of piecing together for consumers, but choosing a platform with complete services. The decoration methods with hard decoration, installation and soft decoration as the key nodes are widely accepted, and the overall home is becoming an important traffic entrance for the whole industry. Under the impact of the market, the decoration pattern of consumers has changed, and the decoration and purchase process of consumers has been further restructured. Even so, most ceramic tile manufacturers report that although the assembly model is good, the good and the bad are mixed, and most companies dare not cooperate and are unwilling to cooperate. There are many reasons. The main reason is that small and medium ceramic tile companies are unwilling to pay monthly or accept, and large ceramic tile companies do not want to have a lot of relations with small and medium decoration companies. What’s more, a very small number of self-contained companies have poor management and runaways. Once a company suffers a loss, it affects a large area around it.

The rise of terminal stores with design and service as the core used to be the mainstream sales model of the home building materials industry. However, traditional marketing has gone through nearly a hundred years, but now it is facing a huge sales crisis, whether it is the market environment or The consumer structure is far from what it used to be. In this case, the shortcomings of the retail model of the traditional industry have emerged. The sales model of traditional specialty stores will be redefined. Affected by the market, specialty stores are no longer a mainstream choice channel for consumers. Consumers in specialty stores have become aging, and more young people rarely choose to use specialty stores. After completing the purchase, the traditional sales terminal will be forced by the above-mentioned influences, and there will be a tide of store closures. Terminal stores with design and service as the core will receive wider attention. Consumer experience and interaction will become a breakthrough in store transformation. But this does not mean that traditional marketing is out of date or has no future. It’s just that in today’s day when people’s time concept is increasing, these sales defects are not enough to perfectly meet the shopping needs of consumers, and the heavy sales staff’s expenditure is even more depressing The backbone of the traditional commercial marketing chain. Complex marketing channels make operators and shoppers lack of opportunities for direct communication. The reform of the traditional business model is unstoppable, and the pursuit of business transformation is inevitable. Therefore, traditional business should take the initiative, adapt to changes, and add personalized and diversified designs to increase business popularity. Otherwise, even if you are P&G, it will be difficult to resist The changes of the times, just like the beauty of twilight, lost to the irresistible fleeting years, there is nothing to say.

Brand cooperation will become an inevitable trend of the times. Back then, home appliance companies were blooming everywhere, and there were too many brands. There are thousands in Shunde District alone, let alone small and medium home appliances across the country. Nowadays, when I look at the market, the brands I have bought have been “I don’t know where to go”, and there are only a few giant brands left.

The development trend of the ceramic tile industry will also follow in the footsteps of the home appliance industry. The strong will remain strong, and the weak will eat the strong is the eternal law of the market. Perhaps in the near future, you will not be able to find a trace of most familiar tile brands in the market, so don’t be surprised at this point. The development of the market will catch you off guard. The market is changing rapidly, and the unconventional way will only make the market decline. There is no successful boss, only the boss of the times. Strong marriage, standing on the shoulders of giants is the rule of current success. The current era is platform + brand + channel. To achieve these three points, you may be the No. 1 of the market. The market has no boundaries. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, and the same is true for sales. I hope that ceramic tile companies dare to think in reverse, dare to shine, seek change in stability, seek innovation in change, seek progress in new, breakthrough in progress, boldly innovate, deepen the market, fine management, and strive to make corporate brands survive longer and go further .

Source: Zhihu Author: Gavin