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China Hanse Ceramic Tile For Internal & External Projects

Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd is a large modern enterprise committed to the floor & wall reconstruction, research and development, design of projects.For more than 10 years, we have provided ceramic tile solutions for project design professionals around the country, creating a culture of technical expertise and continuing professional learning. Hanse works within a wide range of project types, bringing our unique solutions to each project we take on. We can help you realise your vision for the most beautiful, effective and functional environments by offering the best selection of ceramic & porcelain tile possible supported with a personalised start to finish client service. The company adheres to the operation of specialization, scale, branding, collectivization and industrialization, and has established an absolute leading edge in the construction engineering industry in terms of design, management, technology, production and installation.

Foshan Hanse ‘s 4 Popular Trends Of Ceramic Tile Color In 2020-2021

The imaginative space of ceramic tiles in design is endless, especially in the choice of color. The wide range of ceramic tiles can help designers to achieve different decoration styles. Recently, China Ceramic Tile Association, together with China Ceramic Technology Research Institute and home trend observation, released a report on ceramic tile color trend from 2020 to 2021. There are four major popular tile color trends as follows.

1. Natural Color

It is an expression of reverence for nature to inject natural elements into walls and floor tiles with colors. From the green that people associate with vegetation, such as moss green and mint green, to natural clay color, can arouse people’s feelings of nature. Natural pottery color has a variety of color levels, from bright orange to low-key natural wood, and even dark soil brown. The color of pottery occupies a pivotal position in the organic color system of nature. The reason is that this color reminds people of the most original ecological soil.

2. Using the light and shade levels of color to create a sense of comfort and happiness

Whether it is wall tiles or floor tiles, if we use simple means of light and shade change in color, we can create a comfortable feeling and bring a strong sense of happiness. At the same time, using this method to deal with colors helps to create the right atmosphere. The focus of this trend is to choose soft colors, such as white and neutral warm colors such as beige and pink. Using light and dark levels to deal with these colors can make people feel warm and comfortable.

3. The color of natural tie-dye brings the impulse of returning to nature

This kind of color processing method is applicable to a wide range, many colors can use this way to create a memorable environment. Inspired by natural dyes or plant fibers, the colors produced in this way can be soft natural tones, or more bright and lively yellow, blue and red. When these colors are matched with their contrast colors, they are very conspicuous and can catch people’s attention at once.

4. Fading color, different luxury

A little treatment of the colors to make them look like they’re faded is the key to having a sleek, sophisticated look. Dark blue, matte black, with a bit of gloss, is to create a dark environment with a deep sense of standard. This color contrasts strongly with a mirror-like metallic finish. A variety of different surface effects can be achieved by using oxidation design or color fading treatment.

Tile Project Cooperation With Qatar And Jeddah

Foshan Hanse have a wide portfolio of projects reaching into commercial, industrial, and residential. Foshan Hanse have cooperated with clients both in Qatar and Jeddah on tile projects.When it came to Qatar project, Foshan Hanse participated in the whole process of building construction and have had a great time working with clients. Hanse provided all the wall tiles, floor tiles, stair tiles and exterior wall tiles. Supported by our experienced specification support team and sales manager Mr.Wang, goods were supplied on time and in full, completely in line with the build programme.

When it came to transacting the Jeddah project, we worked closely with Dubai based Decoration Contractor and Beyond to navigate the complicated processes of house construction. We were tasked supplying tiles to the Jeddah project. The design was an marble look tile wall/floor made by Inkjet technology that would provide a heritage type charm but that could be installed as part of a quick fit out and that offered excellent waterproof, anti-corrosive and wear-resistant qualities.

Source :Foshan Hanse