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Why Import Stone and marble from China?

As the good old adage goes, “Quality is the best business plan.” And this also applies to industries that revolve around stone use. As one of the biggest stone manufacturers in the world, China has devised practical yet innovative stone processing solutions that focus on producing high-quality stones at large quantities.

China’s systematized mining and stone processing procedures don’t just filter products for quality. They also significantly cut down production costs, making it possible for Chinese suppliers to offer stone materials at a lower price.

Add to that, whether you’re flying to China or you’re putting your faith in air or sea cargoes, buying stones in bulk can help you get huge savings from paying products at their wholesale prices.

China is home to leading stone manufacturers that are capable of performing small and large-scale operations for a variety of applications. But prior to the country’s rise as a stone-manufacturing giant, it has also met adversities, specifically when we put safe and sustainable mining procedures into the equation.

The solution: the implementation of strict mining protocols that shut down small enterprises that were not abiding by stone mining procedures. This has resulted in better mining practices that are now used by thousands of Chinese stone manufacturing enterprises.

Problems You May Have When Importing Stone from China

1.Language Barrier

A gap in communication due to language differences can be a huge stumbling block when it comes to making any international negotiations. But thanks to technology, this problem can now take the backseat.

Problems You May Have When Importing Stone from ChinaPlatforms like Alibaba and Foshan Sourcing have created solutions long before communication barriers arise by using English as one of its main mediums. Even the famous Canton Fair uses technology to help traders negotiate by auto-language translating apps that were designed to lessen misunderstandings and offer clarity on both transacting parties.

By making use of translating apps or turning to online platforms that serve as your bridge to Chinese traders, you can now effortlessly ship items from China without twisting a tongue.

Remarks:some manufacturers can’t speak English but they have very good quality stones.In this situation,a trading company or sourcing agent is a good choice.

2.Quality Issue

It’s hard to tell the quality of a product especially if you just bought it online, but that is the reality you need to face as someone who imports goods from a different country. The key here is to find a reliable stone manufacturing company and eCommerce business that will stay committed to delivering top quality materials to your warehouse.

The good news: stone materials are more durable than most products on freight, so your chance of opening a box of broken stones is quite minimal. However, if there is one major issue you should prepare for, it’s thickness and size uniformity. While being specific with sizes and shapes can help you minimize this risk, it’s always best to find a supplier that can give you compensation.

3.Long Lead Time and Delayed Shipment

lead timeIf there’s anything manufacturing and eCommerce companies have almost no control of, it’s the shipment’s lead time, especially if you throw custom policies and undesirable weather conditions into the long list of factors that can affect shipment.

However, you can lessen your risk of being at the end of the waiting list by demanding manufacturing and shipping companies the transparency you need when it comes to shipments. Does the contract include delivery policies or possible refunds in case of delays? When do they expect your order to be shipped? Can the company provide you a way to guarantee the delivery time? Especially those need cutting into small pieces.

Note: some companies cease operations 45 days before and 15 days after Chinese New Year. This is going to be a huge problem if you’re expecting a box that is, apparently, still trapped in a factory with workers on a 60-day holiday.

4.Damaged Packaging

The worst packages are not delayed ones, but heavily-damaged ones. Since a lot of unfavorable things can happen in between transit, you have to secure yourself by looking for warranties. Also, ask your chosen eCommerce company if you are protected by any insurance coverage in case something goes wrong with your shipment. If so, do you have to pay extra for insurance? How do you get your claims in case your package gets damaged?

By taking a step forward to learn about these processes, you can have the peace of mind you need (and deserve) as your orders are being packed and delivered.

Source: Foshan Sourcing