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Top 6 Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Production Bases In China

1. China’s Top Ceramic Tile Production Base – Guangdong

Guangdong is one of the birthplaces of China’s ceramic tiles. At present, the annual output accounts for more than 50% of the total output of the country. The main production base is Foshan, and other production areas include Heyuan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, etc. Foshan ceramics is first-class in terms of production scale, technical level, enterprise management and product supporting, which leads the trend of Chinese ceramic porcelain tiles.

2. China’s Top Ceramic Tile Production Base – Fujian

Fujian is also an important ceramic tile production base in China. In the industry, there are Cantonese who “manufacture tiles” and Fujian people who “sell tiles”. In the past, wall tiles and floor tiles went hand in hand in Fujian Province. Now, it has shifted to the direction of wall tiles with the stone-like materials, and has walked out a road with its own characteristics. There are many small factories, kilns and presses in Fujian ceramic tile enterprises.

3. China’s Top Ceramic Tile Production Base – Sichuan

With the unique manufacturing method of red body tile, Sichuan Jiajiang production area once produced considerable production volume, known as “West Porcelain Capital”. The advantages of Sichuan production area are rich in energy, raw materials and low labor. Although the development time of Sichuan production area is not long, it has formed a certain scale. However, since the second half of last year, the development momentum of Sichuan’s production areas has slowed down, mainly due to three reasons:

The radiation surface of the production area is narrow, covering almost only the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, Chongqing and some northwest regions. Although the price of Sichuan ceramic tile is low, the overall consumption level of Southwest China is also low, and it is impossible to develop too fast.

Transportation in Southwest China is relatively difficult.

The scale of ceramic tile enterprises in Sichuan is still small, which does not form a scale effect, and the relative cost is relatively high. In addition, the price of gas and electricity is rising rapidly, and the supply of power and gas is insufficient. They have weakened their competitive advantage.

However, due to the investment of Guangdong ceramic tile enterprises, the image of “Jiajiang ceramics” has been greatly improved and the future prospects are bright.

Chinese ceramic tile production base.png

4. China’s Top Ceramic Tile Production Base – Shandong

Shandong is also one of the important ceramic tile production bases in China. There are various kinds of ceramic porcelain tiles manufactured in Shandong, with rich patterns and styles.

The biggest advantage of Shandong’s ceramic tile production area is that the radiation area of its sales area is very wide. In such a large radiation area, the middle and low-grade ceramic tile products have a great advantage. Secondly, Shandong has a comparative advantage in energy. Public owned enterprises account for a certain proportion in Shandong construction ceramic tile enterprises, so the mechanism is not flexible enough, and the average technology level is a certain gap with Guangdong, and the products are mainly middle and low-grade.

5. East China Ceramic Tile Production Base

East China joint venture enterprises, represented by Shanghai area, have advantages in glazed products, especially glazed tiles, and are unique in enterprise management. The ceramic tile products produced in East China follow the high-end line and the price is very high. It can be said that the ceramic enterprises in East China are in the forefront of China’s ceramic industry in terms of upgrading, brand building and price maintenance. However, due to the limited output, they can not obtain a large market share. But they have a great influence in the market of high price ceramic porcelain tile products, but they have a small market share under the medium price tile products.

6. China’s Top Ceramic Tile Production Base – Jiangxi

The Jiangxi ceramic tile production base was originally concentrated in Gao’an, which was once known as the kingdom of glazed tiles. In recent years, Foshan ceramic tile enterprises and Jiangsu and Zhejiang ceramic tile enterprises have invested in Jiangxi due to the impact of the local government’s policies to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, many large-scale ceramic porcelain tile production bases in China have been formed, such as Gao’an, Jingdezhen, Jiujiang, Pingxiang, etc. Some experts believe that Jiangxi is the most likely place to replace the leading position of Foshan ceramic tile production area.

Source: Hanse