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How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles Manufacturer in China – Where To Buy Swimming Pool Tiles Cheap

Pool tile generally refers to the tile laid in the swimming pool. The product should be able to fully meet the physical characteristics of water pressure resistance and immersion resistance. For sports standard pool, it should also meet the requirements of sports psychology. Then how to choose best swimming pool tiles manufacturer for pool tiles purchasing? Where to buy swimming pool tiles cheap and safe? Now follow this article to find out more details.

How To Choose Best Swimming Pool Tiles Manufacturer

To judge whether a swimming pool tile brand is mature, it should have the following characteristics:

1.Professional sales team, according to the size of the pool provided by customers, project budget, to create the most reasonable pool tile laying scheme for customers. Provide the cost budget of swimming pool tiles at the first time, send samples to the engineering department, share a large number of case pictures, so that customers can outline the general swimming pool effect after construction before construction, and have a plan in mind.

2.The product quality can be recognized by customers, and the products of big cargo swimming pool tiles are consistent with the samples sent, especially the swimming pool bricks at the bottom of the pool must be the same color number. The pool tile stock is sufficient, the pool accessory tile style is complete, and the matching pool anti-skid area tile, the bathroom changing room anti-skid tile solution, meets the different needs of customers. At the same time, it shall have the supply qualification of several large gymnasiums. Provide professional pool tile atlas, professional pool tile construction paving drawings.

3.If the brand has its own kiln to produce swimming pool tiles and aims to build a professional manufacturer of swimming pool tiles, it will be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. Manufacturers can make profits to consumers, quickly open the product sales market, and spend more attention on products. And consumers can directly feed back their needs to manufacturers, so that manufacturers can quickly make their own plans according to market demand. Avoid a large number of overstocked inventory in the situation that manufacturers are difficult to digest, greatly reducing the cost of manufacturers. This is the barrier free communication between consumers and manufacturers in the Internet plus era. The price difference of the swimming pool tiles of the brand product will be high, and it will be very competitive in the market of swimming pool tiles.

4.Customers can also visit the brand’s warehouse and source of goods on the spot. Manufacturers with production strength will produce a large number of pool tiles in stock, which can not only inspect the product quality but also verify the strength of the manufacturer. This is also a good verification method.

Swimming Pool Tiles Options – How To Choose Tiles For Your Swimming Pool Area

Not only do you need to decide on a tiling option for inside your pool, but you also need to think about the choice of tiles for the surrounding pool area. Check the following tips on how to choose tiles for different types of swimming pool design.

1.Area: Gymnasium Standard Pool – Pool Size: 200x300mm

Best tiles for pool: Standard pool tile match with pool tile accessories (size: 240x115mm)

The swimming pool for adults is mainly for swimming and fitness, and the lane line is usually designed, so it is recommended to use 240x115mm standard swimming pool tile. Our national standard swimming pool tile is 9mm thick. The quality of solid tile can meet the huge water pressure of the standard swimming pool. The standard pool has four fixed colors: sky blue, dark blue, white , black. Dark color is perfect for the waterline, light color is the main color in the pool.

The use of accessory tiles is the most professional place for laying standard swimming pool tiles. The areas where accessory tiles are required are: Swimming Pool Edge, Swimming Pool Sink.

2.Area: Residential Swimming Pool

Best tiles for swimming pool: Solid color mixed paving

Residential swimming pool, the original design of residential swimming pool is not fixed shape, so we must use small particles of porcelain mosaic tiles, which is easy to lay. It is recommended to use 48x48mm solid color. In order to attract more owners, it is suggested to choose the mosaic style (two color mix, or three color mix), so that the pool will not be monotonous.

3.Area: Children Swimming Pool

Best ties for swimming pool: Mosaic

Children’s pool is mainly used for playing water for children. Glass mosaic tiles must not be used. Ceramic mosaic tiles must be used because the glass is transparent and easy to peel off. Sharpness often causes harm to people who play water in swimming. Porcelain mosaic tile is recommended. In terms of style, the professional pool tile company a wide selection of swimming pool tiles with a variety of colors, sizes and patterns to choose from, such as shell or flowers.

4.Area: Garden Pool

Best tiles for swimming pool: Tiles with ice crack

What the garden swimming pool needs is a mosaic combining with nature and gardening. Ice crack tile is the best choice, because the color of ice crack is green, matching with the garden color. And the surface of ice crack is crystal glaze, which is easier to clean.

5.Area: Fountain & Artificial Waterfall Pool In The Scenic Spot

Best tiles for your pool: Large size ceramic mosaic tiles

It is recommended to use ceramic materials for fountains and artificial waterfall pools in the scenic area, because public areas are particularly vulnerable to damage. So ceramic tile is the most durable swimming pool tile material. Generally, small-sized ceramic mosaic tile is selected for the design, and the area occupied by mosaic in these places is not large. However, when encountering the active water, the small-sized mosaic tile will become flexible, but when encountering the sparkling magic light, the mosaic tiles will also become dazzling and eye-catching.

Source: Hanse